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3rd July 2019

Very informative blogs Heather and a great read. Can’t believe your road trip is nearly over. Safe journey home, see you soon xx
From Blog: Croatia
1st July 2019

Another trip nearly over!
Ahhh thanks for another great account of your trip! Sounds like you’ve had a great time - we miss you and can’t wait to see you!! xxx
13th June 2019

Very interesting
Another great blog it was very interesting to read and great pictures too xx
From Blog: Croatia
7th June 2019

The pictures are fab. Ps a lizard without legs is by definition a snake. Avoid!!!!
From Blog: Croatia
23rd May 2019

Another interesting read Heather. Hope the weather picks up, take care and loo forward to the next blog xx
From Blog: Croatia
21st May 2019

Good for you
Enjoying your pictures. Good for you two living life large. Loved the legionnaires .
From Blog: Croatia
20th May 2019

Plum jam anyone?!
Aah can’t believe the jam was bad! Poor show! The oysters look lovely though (even though I’ve really tried to like them and just no). Bleeurgh to the snakes; that is totally enough to put me off the entire country!! Just watched the last episode of GOT it was epic! Take care xxx
From Blog: Croatia
5th May 2019

Another great read
Again Heather another interesting and great read, and some lovely photos too. Keep us updated and look forward to the next update. Take care and enjoy love Sue. Oh my mum’s enjoying your blogs again xx
From Blog: Croatia
1st May 2019

Thanks for the blog, bringing back memories of our trips to Croatia. It is a beautiful coastline. Enjoy. Love Sarah and Keith
From Blog: Croatia
24th April 2019

Well jel!
Sounds like you’re having a fab time; miss you guys lots! Xxx
From Blog: Croatia
23rd May 2018

Great read
Another very interesting read Heather. Sounds like you’re both enjoying your start in France. Look forward to the next blog. Take care xx
From Blog: To France
20th May 2018

Best one yet!
Loving latest updates; those bird boxes sound gross though! And let's not pretend dad makes any other pasta dish shall we not? (Though it is a good one dad!) Can't believe you didn't get matching Breton tops, you'd have looked soooo lovely in those hahah! Miss you guys! Xxx
From Blog: To France
14th May 2018

Tuna bake
I made you that when you lived at home, looking at the mushroom picture it made you big and strong holding that stone up with one finger.xx
From Blog: To France
19th April 2018

Have a great trip
Bit green with envy reading blog. A book should be next! Like look of harbour. Great to see you both enjoying life. Good for you.
From Blog: To France
12th July 2017

Thank you for another insight into your journey
We have enjoyed reading all your experiences on your travels and eagerly awaited each installment, you always made us laugh about something. Love Mum and Dad xx
5th July 2017

Really enjoying your blogs. Feel like had history and geography lesson today. Smarter already. Exams over here thank good, choices on uni form all changed night before cut off! Rory on island speaking Irish for 3 weeks. Can't wait to catch up. Luv j
21st June 2017

Really enjoyed readings the last few blogs, they are very interesting to read. Sounds like you are having a lovely trip. Take care xx
4th June 2017

Sounds lovely where you've been staying, enjoying reading the blogs Heather. Love to you both, take care Sue x
27th May 2017

Yes it's been a hell of a week here - hits home when you see armed police at the TC. Glad you are having such a lovely time, I visited Meteora myself many moons ago - they filmed James Bond "For Your Eyes Only" there! xx
26th May 2017

Your blog took me back many years when I stayed with a Greek family and one of the day trips out was to Meteora. Very, very impressive.

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