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26th October 2012

Now Where's The Plan
Soooo are you back on plan? Presume you'll be rewriting your risk and issues log for the next adventure with mitigation being air evac by some nice chopper pilots!! Enjoying the blog, and remember the adage "if you play with your clutch too much you're liable to burn it out". Be well, S
25th October 2012

What an adventure!
Fantastic blog, Gemma, can't wait for the next installment. Stay safe.
22nd October 2012

The Adventure to the Adventure in the Amazon
Hi G I have to admire your sanguinity in dealing with the calamities that beset the start of your adventure to the Amazon. Hopefully by the time you read this you will have reached your destination. Absolutely loving the blog, please keep it up its fantastic. Enjoy, big hugs Cathryn x
22nd October 2012

Enjoy the jungle!
Great blogs Gemma. The Basilica and the equator brought back some memories. Enjoy the Amazon jungle - better late than never :)
22nd October 2012

Hi Gems, Wow, what an adventure you are having and only a few days into your travels! Have been reading your blog to Graeme and have to say we are both full of respect of you and a little envious, wishing we had both done something like this when we were younger. So fingers crossed things go a little bit more to plan now but the main thing is that you are enjoying the experience and making new friends along the way. Happy travelling. and lots of love XXX
22nd October 2012

Hi Gemma
Really enjoying (vicariously) your adventures. You have done some of the same things we did with Intrepid after you and Natalie left in Lima. I hope you get to the Eco-Lodge. If it's anything like the one we stayed at, you will have a lovely time. Take care.
20th October 2012

I love a good gumboot!
Photos look amazing Gem - sounds like you're having a fab time! Keep it up I'm loving the blog xxx
20th October 2012

Beautiful Hummingbirds
Hey Gemma Love the first full blog. The pictures of the hummingbirds are amazing. Sounds like the first part of the trip is going well. Enjoy and keep safe Love C xxx
19th October 2012

Check out the volcanos!
Glad you got there OK. Brings back some memories. Tons to do from Quito. The bus trip south to Banos trundles down volcano alley; the market up north in Otovalo is well worth a visit, as is a trip to the equator for some egg-balancing. Enjoy :o)

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