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1st October 2018

Quarry Trail
Gaynor - missed writing to you on this and a couple of others, but today they appeared on my computer! What an amazing experience, and to be shared with a sister! It had its challenges, but I can feel that you loved it! Photos are great!
4th September 2018

I have always imagined the equator everywhere would be like Equatorial Africa! How incredibly different! Looks amazing! I couldn’t eat the Guinea pig tho!!
3rd September 2018

Wow! what a tiring adventure! 3 countries in 8 hours, but it's well worthy! I'm sure you've your homework on dos and donts at high altitude. We went up to 4750m altitude last year (5500m in west tibet years ago ). My hubby was very sick in both trips. We ended up cutting our journey short. Slow your pace??? Looking forward to more photos. Take care
2nd September 2018

Hi Gaynor, gosh what a delightful place to get ‘lost’ in photography! Has a great feel(look) to it and I would love to visit the cathedral. ‘Onward and upward’ as the saying goes - look forward to the next episode! Love Rusti xx
1st September 2018

Happy wanderings
Sounds as dodgy as Delhi! That staircase is stunning! Glad the food is good, enjoy your first night’s sleep.
31st August 2018

thanks for sharing your pre-adventure. good on girl! we are planning our trip to south america this coming xmas too. please keep me posted how you go. can't wait to see your underwater pics with your bikini ??
31st August 2018

Have fun for sure
9th July 2018
Qutub Minar

Qutub Minar is great place to visit,.
in Qutub Minar i visited last month. i took lots of photos. i really enjoyed that time.
From Blog: Exploring Delhi
5th November 2017

The Final Hours
Thanks Gaynor. We have really enjoyed your blog. Looking forward to your next travelogue. Happy planning. G
28th October 2017

Very informative blog
Thank you
27th October 2017

Day of contrasts
Wonderful Gaynor - it seems too much to take in, let alone in one day! There is so much to see, but it is the experience that will remain with you. Love Rusti xx
26th October 2017

H&S Non compliance
Did you write them a process of H&S Compliance on the train???? Reflections on the train, is it you?
22nd October 2017
Liz and Gaynor at Lodhi Gardens

You look different somehow...
Wow, you have changed a lot since you left. Use more sunscreen.
From Blog: Day 1 - Delhi
22nd October 2017
Liz and Gaynor at Lodhi Gardens

It was jetlag. Feeling better now!
From Blog: Day 1 - Delhi
20th October 2017

Getting to know the family
I haven’t been to Manali, it sounds and looks so different from other parts of the country. Staying with family is awesome! You are having lots of good meals!! Keep well and happy, love Rusti xx
17th October 2017

Exploring Delhi
Hi Gaynor - great to have your days with you. I recall that our tour guide too was a Hindu, but whenever we visited a Muslim ‘building ‘, he had engaged another guide on site to give us the lowdown. Enjoy the next leg of your adventure! xx
From Blog: Exploring Delhi
16th October 2017

good read
great to see you're having a terrific if there'd be any doubt!!
14th October 2017

Almost ready
Hello lass, I have been away for a few days - your almost ready is a reality!!! Have a great visit- you know how much I wish I was there! Love Rusti xx
From Blog: Almost ready...
12th October 2017
Looking forward to this!

Wow is that the photo of the place you are going to be staying in?
From Blog: Almost ready...
5th January 2017

Great to have followed your travels. Safe trip home.
4th January 2017

Safe travels home Gaynor and Adolf!
4th January 2017

Hi. I brought a painting at this temple 40 odd years ago. Loved Malaca soooooo much.
3rd January 2017

Good to hear Adolf has done some shopping! Sounds like an awesome adventure you guys having there!
From Blog: Exploring KL
3rd January 2017

Looks like Buckingham palace on steroids.
2nd January 2017

I would love a sling shot for the b..... magpies here. Xx
From Blog: Exploring KL

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