Gary and Lucy's Guestbook

28th August 2011

I have to say I agree, getting jobs since getting home has been a bit of a priority. We'll finish the last few weeks of the blog and add photos soon too :) Happy Travels!!
24th July 2011

Love your blogs.
Certainly wish you would add some photos!
12th July 2011

having a great time by the sound of it!!! xxxxxxxxxxxx
30th June 2011

looking good!
looks like you're having a great time!! lots of love and hugs xxxxx
29th June 2011

so far ,so good my little ones
just a short one to say how proud i am of you both , you,ve managed to get a long way in only 2 wks,--i,m so envious, and wish i had a harley to chase you up !!! keep on trucking, be safe, and do,nt forget to wash behind your ears----dadxxxxx
28th June 2011

Jealous !!
Sounds as though you're having a gas !!
18th June 2011

Hi guys thanks for the updates, hope the weather improves, but sounds like your enjoying anyway! Glad your making time for beer, hope u get to sample a few regional ales! Good luck with the photos, looking forward to seeing them. Ciao.
1st June 2011

Have a great time! all my love xxxx

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