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Europe » Austria » Tyrol » Innsbruck September 18th 2008

Thursday 18th September I froze my cacks off last night. The last, unfortunately prophetic, comment I heard late yesterday evening “there will be a frost tonight” uttered with unbearable cheeriness from some geezer in a motorhome (smug b*stard probably had heating - I am the only actual tent here) had come to fruition. I pulled the drawstring on the neck of the sleeping bag as tight as it would go, so much that it would leave an imprint on my forehead in the morning. But it was still cold. The bag was rated down to -5° so either: The bag was now f*cked (it was quite old); I had gotten so skinny I was less impervious to cold or I was turning into a blouse. Probably all three. So after a fitful nights sleep and a ... read more
Childish, but I hosed myself laughing when I saw that
Route 17

Europe » Germany » Rhineland-Palatinate September 17th 2008

Wednesday 17th September I am typing this sat under the lights near the bogs of a campsite on the corner of Germany, Switzerland and Austria at a place called Lindau (or actually Bodensee) on the edge of Lake Constance. Quite a scenic spot - Lake Constance that is, not the bogs... The temperature as ever is about as warm as a greeting when you're late for dinner - what is it with the weather? Have I come in November and not noticed? The camp site owner merrily chuckled, “I hope you have a good sleeping bag, it was 3° at 7 am.” Oh thanks - looks like the great heat exchanger sat on top of my neck will need a hat on in me tent then. Still it had been a good day so I am ... read more
Black forest 2
It got cold soon after

Europe » France » Alsace » Strasbourg September 16th 2008

Sunday 14th - Tuesday 16th September OK slightly lazy combining 3 days into one page, but I have gotten behind and in any case all the days based in Strasbourg and its environs would not have warranted 3 entries. What a stunning city, straight out of a Hans Christian Anderson fairy tale. Impossibly beautiful half timbered houses, tottering across narrowed cobbled streets, whilst glances skyward would reveal the similarly impressive Cathedral. If God created Norway as an exemplar of natural beauty then he must have had an assistant directorship when they constructed this city in the middle ages. Possibly the most beautiful city I have been too. And full of restaurants serving Baeckeoffe (like a Lancashire hotpot but with pork and in some cases lamb and beef as well) and Jambonneau (a simply enormous knuckle of ... read more
Looking down on Barr

Europe » France » Alsace » Strasbourg September 13th 2008

Saturday 13th September Germany had been hard. F*ck me did it rain today and I finished the day the wettest so far on this trip. Proper wet - squeeze your hands into a fist and water comes pouring out wet; sitting in a pool of water like some incontinent old fart wet. If there was an extreme test for wet weather gear, then today was it and in the end all of it failed, just by differing degrees. The inaptly named DryStar gloves from Alpinestar faring the worst. DryStar my arse - WetBlackHole more like it, they were rubbish. Bad enough but expensive rubbish at that. Usefully though if you managed to put your hand in one with an atom of water on it, the lining all came out of the fingers - which really p1ssed ... read more

Europe » Germany » Hamburg » Hamburg September 12th 2008

Friday 12th September As is usual when I express any smugness about the weather I get almost instant payback and today was no exception. It may have been a beautifully bright and sunny day in Walsrode when I left - gulping in the warm air with my visor up when below 100kph, but 200 miles south it rained all day. So within an hours riding the temperature dived from 24 to 15 and I was once again riding in the rain. Super. I had been on the A7 most of this week - what an incredible road, well incredibly boring. To think I bemoaned our A1, this road really does go on for ever. It starts in Frederikshavn (at the top of Denmark) and scythes it way down the face of Germany all the way to ... read more

Europe » Germany » Hamburg » Hamburg September 11th 2008

Thursday 11th September Got knocked off this morning. No not by any of the gorgeous women in this town but by a f*cking transit driver at the lights. I'd just left Jan's with details of places to visit in Denmark and was crawling up to the lights, when this moron ran straight into the back of me. Once the bike started to go over there was no way I could hold it so down it and I went. White (actually it was yellow) man van got out of his transit and muttered something in Danish, probably the Danish for “... sorry mate, didn't see you...” or something similar from the international transit driver's phrase book. And how could the f*cking myopic idiot not have seen me? The bike is bright orange, wider than his transit with ... read more
Hamburg 2

Europe » Denmark » Region Midtjylland » Aarhus September 10th 2008

Wednesday 10th November I am now coming to you from the scenic vista of a laundrette in Aalborg, Denmark and it is absolutely chucking it down outside. I abandoned typing the blog on the ship as it got too rough. So I am sat here dackless and sockless like some wannabe Levi 501 commercial, washing everything I have. And it is pathetic - barely fills a third of a drum, which is probably some clue as to the nasty habit of clothing reuse that has been a necessity this last few days. Motorways maybe boring but they are hard to fault as a means of A-B. Once off the ferry I just rolled the bike up to 85mph and sat there and Aalborg came up quickly. Also I could duck behind the screen - I just ... read more
Me in Arhus

Europe » Norway » Southern Norway » Kristiansand September 10th 2008

Tuesday 9th September It was always going to be a long day. When I typed in Kristiansand into the TomTom on departing Bergen at 10:15 it reckoned my arrival time would be 19:30. Well cheery. It's only 500km but you have to account for the ferry crossings around Bergen and Stavanger and the fact that there is no Norwegian translation for dual carriageway - let alone Motorway. Still I figured I could beat that geriatric estimate - I think TomTom counts a typical road user as someone on life support on their last journey ever. Well beat it I did, but not massively - I hit Kristiansand at 18:15. Eight hours straight on the bike, save for 2x20 minute ferry crossings and fuel stops I took no breaks. I even maximised my time by eating on ... read more

Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Bergen September 9th 2008

Monday 8th September One thing about camping is that you end up in bed fairly early and also wake fairly early - so you do maximise your daylight. Walking back from my pizza last night the sky was as clear as and the temperature plummeting accordingly. Not sure what it fell to in the small hours but it was only 6° at 7 am this morning. Autumn was galloping in and I suspect after the autumn solstice winter isn't far behind. Anyway in the wee hours I had to put my hat on in my sleeping bag and the bag was well and truly zipped up, containing me inside a cotton liner and a t-shirt. After that I was warm enough - save having a nose like a labrador that'd been nosing in the freezer for ... read more
Coming into Jostedalsbreen
Jostedalsbreen 2

Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Lom September 9th 2008

Sunday 7th September True to form I missed a 3 pm ferry from Geiranger by about 15-20 mins so now have a about an hour and a half's wait till the 5 pm one - the last one of the day, so could be worse. So I thought I would start the update for today early. I'm cutting it a bit fine to get across the fjord, find somewhere to camp and get pitched up by dark, but as tempting as it is to camp this side I need to press on. I keep staying extra in places and now that I have booked my ferry to Denmark for Wednesday I have to start working my way south. Hence whilst kicking my heels I am writing blog material for the second time today - although at ... read more
Could be the USA
Mountains over Geraigerfjord
Geraigerfjord up high

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