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13th September 2011

8% GDP
Thats a creative way for supporting GDP growth! Thanks Huang Xiang!
13th September 2011
10 million dollar menu

I will send you another clear version of this dish.
Why can we keep 8% more GDP growth? Because dishof these kind of dishes!
12th September 2011

Hi Maneesh!
Great to hear from you Maneesh! We had an agreement, if I went to China I'd send you the pics, so I did. It was a great adventure there, and the short Chinese Course we had made a great difference in Chengdu, it sure helped a lot, I've already sent my comliments to our teacher for that. Have my regards to our familly in New Delhi too. Thanks for your message. Wish you the best! धन्यवाद / 谢谢 马尼斯 ! Fábio / 法比奥
11th September 2011

hi Fabio
hello Fábio, How are you?, Thanks for sending me such nice photogrphs from China. I hope that your Visit to China was a great success. I like all the Pictures. I also went to India in july , to visit my family. I spent. 4 weeks in New Delhi. Wish You all the best... Hope to see you soon. cumprimentos: Maneesh

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