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I'm planning to study abroad in Taiwan in 7 months from now. Just wanted to be on here to see new thing and see how awesome it is on the other side of the world. Maybe I'll leave a blog when I get there :D

---After so long. I'm leaving Monday 😊

Asia » Taiwan » Taipei February 24th 2011

I'm in Taiwan to study and to work. I want to major in Forensic so I'm at Tai-da at the moment to take Chinese Language Division. There are so much things that I would have never though before until now. Some of the things are: - People are like so nice that it's kinda scary -No Crime! Seriously, everyone like obey the rules/law. If you left like 10,000NT on the ground, they would run miles to catch you up and give it back to you. So, when something like kidnap or stealer occur, it's like a "huge deal" here. - No trash can...You would need to go to a specific place to just throw away your trash. It's like they want you to recycle so you have to. -No heater. There are heater but if you ... read more

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