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17th September 2012

our daughter
We have adopted daughter whose birth mother is from Iztapa. Isabella is receiving her First Holy Communion. We know her birth mother is Mayan but that is all. Is there some sash or weaving that we could incorporate into her outfit. Or something we could hang in the church? Best regards MArguerite
22nd September 2012

Hello, thank you for viewing my blog, if you are located in the USA, you will be able to get all your stuff from Guatemalan stores all around Los Angeles, or Ebay, best of luck.
16th February 2012
guaemala july 769

Buenas fotos
Que bueno verte eddie yo fui en 06 y 09 yo soy hermano de Manuel pirujo Dios los bendiga
15th November 2011

Puerto de Iztapa
Hola amigos: Es para mi un placer saludar a todos mis compatriotas Guatemaltecos, especialmente a aquellos originarios de Iztapa o Las Morenas, en donde mi familia y yo vivimos momentos inolvidables. Por cosas de la vida todos nos fuimos del lugar, pero nuestros recuerdos y corazon permanecen en el y con todos aquellos que tuvimos la dicha de convivir. Yo me llamo Irma y les hablo porque me emociono ver el nombre de mi padre (Adalberto Martinez)quien es recordado por Solares, a quien se lo agradezco. El vive en Taxisco, tiene 75 a~os y en su nombre les digo que el tambien los recuerda y les manda saludos a todos. Desde Orlando, Florida un saludo cari~oso y que Dios los siga bendiciendo.
7th October 2011

puerto de istapa
thank you for you kind comments. yes iztapa is an amazing place.
7th October 2011

puerto de istapa
thank you for you kind comments. yes iztapa is an amazing place.
26th September 2011

Those wonderful memories...
How wonderful to stumble upon your blog. The first time I stayed in this enchanting fishing village was in 1987. I remember Dean, an American fellow, who stayed every winter in one of the palapa\'s that line the spectacular beach. The friendliness of the people, the amazing seafood, the generosity of its inhabitants who had virtually nothing, and the warm smiles made me stay for seven weeks. I learned shark fishing from a Salvadorian man who lived with his Guatemalan wife right on the beach. Poverty everywhere, but I\'ve never met any people as proud, helpful, and optimistic as the people of Iztapa. I went back two years later and I was welcomed as a lost son and stayed for three months, teaching English, body surfing and exchanging lots of nasty gossips (I speak Spanish) after delicious evening meals (and a couple of Venados). Man, I miss the place... I\'m living in Bangkok Thailand right now. Same same, but different ;-))
18th February 2011

Hola, alguien puede facilHitar
7th November 2010

iztapa # 1
saludos a todo iztapa sino saben qien soy yo me dicen erickito nieto de dona elva segura en el barrio moron enfrente del pinchazo de don gil saludes a todos x ay y si pueden me saluda a mi mama elva,mi tia rosa, a tavo y julito y topogio erickito desde los angeles c.a.
7th November 2010
puerto de iztapa

estan buenas las fotos mucha
q pso mucha soy el nieto de dona elva y las fotos de aya estan chingonas saludes a todos x aya byee erick..
20th October 2010

10th September 2010
puerto de iztapa

hola soy otto sosa de iztapa,me gustaria ver,victorina,y marlene,edy,talves no se recuerden de mi,pero yo si, llameme dona victorina por favor:323 734 6215
7th August 2010

hola saludes a todos soy de iztapa del barrio moron bonitas fotos roberto no a cambiado ni eddy saludes a eto y la vito
20th June 2010

I came across your Hawaii post by accident, but I'm so glad I did! I live in Los Angeles and have traveled all over the US, and the world, but have so far skipped Hawaii because I hear the same negative things. Your positive feedback really makes me want to go now! My blog is looking for travel reviews, photos, etc, to share (like maybe of Zippy's of Geovanni's?!?!). We also feature foods from around the world, if there's anything uniquely Hawaiian you discovered, and would like to share. If you have the time, check it out at dirty-hippies.blogspot.com, or email me at dirtyhippiesblog@gmail.com. Thanks for the great post, and I hope you make it back to Hawaii soon! Heather :)
From Blog: hawaii
18th May 2010

i did visit isla verde, and found isla verde a bit rocky, and dirty when i was there, i did go to the west, and i went to fagardo & culebra, the isue with culebra is getting there.
17th May 2010

Disagree about the beach..
Hope you enjoyed visiting our beautiful island, and thank you for the excellent blog post regarding your experience, and showing the world what PR has to offer. However, I must disagree that the best beach in PR is in Condado. First, I'd have to say that San JUan's beaches are far less beautiful than the many beaches across our north and west coasts. Not to mention the pristine, picture perfetct beaches of Vieques and Culebra.. But, if you are referring to beaches in San Juan only, then you could say that it's one of the better ones. However, the Isla Verde beach I find it to be more expansive, more sand and less rocks exposed by erosion, and more "swimming friendly" compared to Condado. Thanks again, and come back and visit soon ! Carlos
From Blog: puerto rico
16th April 2010

hola a todos los iztapenos yo creci en iztapa pero mas soy moreneno o sea de las morenas estudie con el profesor Adalverto Martinez y Carlos Raul Rodas Katz jugue contra el club deportivo iztapa soy familiar de rodolfo cevallos saludos a chuz wilo a dona tomasa a mi amigo Felipe Ojeda Lorenzana saludos a don juan revolorio y familia y saludos a las morenas lindo lugar
3rd November 2009

buenas fotos
que buenas fotos esas que se tomaron en rio es un lugar muy bonito con que razon querian ir a rio saludos keny y paola.
From Blog: Summer
3rd November 2009

photos good
buenas fotos la que le gusta a la paola es la del tuk tuk

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