Lindsay Misiner


Lindsay Misiner

hare krishna!!

I am young, and plan to travel very much.. but for right now.. I will make plans and have many dreams of travel that will come true!!

For the last two years, my mother and I have traveled to Peurto Plata in the Dominican Republic. Although I hate staying in hotels, especially all inclusive.. that is where we have ended up for the last two years.. and we will again this March. The only reason that I am always so excited to go back is because I am so in love with the people and the country. We have been taken all around Peurto Plata by our good friend Andenson, (my future husband & my love at first sight victim. lol) and ever since then.. I have truly felt that Dominican is my second home. I really enjoy it there. Not only are the guys totally attractive.. but the country is just so unbelievably perfect. I love it! I can't wait to go ... read more

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