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5th October 2015

Free Reykjavic Walks
There is an ex history student that runs a free walking tour of Reykjavik nearly every day from Lækjartorg Square. I can't link to him here but google it- definitely worth checking out!
13th February 2012
Drugstore on Canal St

An iconic scene
That street corner on Canal is a fantastic place. Since Canal is redefining itself in this area, it has really become a great place to visit. It is almost across from the Ritz, and near the Roosevelt, so there are things to do in that area as well!
24th November 2011
View form the caves

Great photo!
26th October 2010

I just returned from Bangkok and must say that I COMPLETELY agree with your statement: The problem I’ve got with Bangkok is that it’s really hard to trust anyone. It constantly feels like everyone is just out to rip you off. It was a disappointment - with the exception of the Luxx Hotel staff. I've traveled quite a bit and never before had I experienced the constant shower tricks that I encountered in Bangkok. Whenever I heard "You happy, me happy" I knew someone had made an extra baht at my expense... Siem Reap, Cambodia was the perfect antidote. Be well! Varo
27th January 2009

Cant believe its our last day travelling together, its been a blast!
18th January 2009

I love your chef's hat! Brilliant. Lizzy
12th January 2009

Happy New Year
Glad to hear you're having a good time still, that rope swing looked great.
4th December 2008

Vietnam sounds hilarious in its scariness!
18th November 2008

that pic of Temple Garden is awesome with the HDR thing going on...!
18th November 2008

Konichiwa Doug, hope things are going well. Say Hai to Akira and Kanada
15th November 2008

it did, it was a little bit of a surprise, but once I learned how to turn the pressure down it got a bit better.
14th November 2008

I'm v jealous - I want to go to Japan - has the toilet squirted you with water yet?
12th November 2008

Trans Pacific
Alreet mate? Hope your connections worked out and you got to Japan OK. B[‰jD
11th November 2008

Green Tortoise
Heya, the Green tortoise was really cool, might have been the best hostel I stayed in the US. It's the only one that did free food 3 ties a week.
11th November 2008

Hey Doug, I've been roughly following your travels. I know you were mostly asleep, but I hope you liked the Green Tortoise! I think I met that tour guide at 4am when I was jet lagged! Enjoy Japan, keep blogging. xx
10th November 2008

Hey There Traveller
Hey Doug hope you tiredness wears off thinks it is becuase you are a party animal. Seattle looks coll very your thing
5th November 2008

I think feeling the buzz must have been amazing....very cool!
3rd November 2008

Hiya Doug. Cheers for the birthday message (well remembered for someone half way across the world!) Have been enjoying your blog from the US - reckon you should write a book when you get back. Enjoy the elections! Tom
31st October 2008

they are the 2 main gangs in LA.
30th October 2008

I still don't understand that first sentence... what do you mean by 'Blood, Crip....' ???
28th October 2008

Loving the picture of you with Penn, that's going to be you when you're older!
22nd October 2008

Say hello to City Lights bookshop for me! I liked the McDonalds in Chinatown that had a Chinese sign. Nice to know those noisy sea lions are still there!
20th October 2008

Yeah, it was the best train EVER! Have you found a room yet?
20th October 2008

Train journey looks awesome, bloody huge train! Hope Monkey enjoyed it.
17th October 2008

Dear Douglas i have just arrived back from spain and read your blog the photos are good i am pleased that you are enjoying yourself lots of love Mam
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