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19th February 2022

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19th February 2022

Enjoy your travels
Thank you for your coment
14th November 2014

Sounds like an amazing place!
Hi guys, Turkey sounds amazing and I one day hope to journey there to and ill take note of the fantastic places you've been so I can see them myself! I wish you all the best for your future adventures!
From Blog: Turkish Delight
13th November 2014

Turkish Delight
Very interesting (as usual!) but particularly so as we are currently promoting our Silk Road Part 2 tour next Sept which takes us to a lot of the places you are visiting. Good to hear the border situation is overblown - pretty much what the local tour operator is telling us as well. Can't wait to see it all! Keep having fun. xxoo
From Blog: Turkish Delight
4th October 2014

Great Blog
Loved your stories and photos of Cuba - brings back so many memories for me - we loved staying in the casas as well - we bought a lot of art work in Trinidad. Will need to catch up with you as we are planning to visit Turkey next year. Love and safe travels, Roslyn
5th October 2014

Thanks Ros!
Cheers Ros, we liked Cuba but think we picked the wrong time of the year to go as it was too bloody hot at that time! ...Very humid!! We would love to catch up again with you. We have got 2 more weeks in Turkey and then will island hop around Greece for almost a month we think, after that we leave from Savona in northern Italy on a 3 week cruise that ends in Sao Paulo, we will have 4 nights there and have a flight booked back to Amsterdam, having 4 nights there too as we want to be in the UK for Xmas with Di's family. Thinking now that we will extend the trip for another year away and spend the 1st six months of next year in the UK and travel for short trips to Europe from there. If you are in England or Europe in the 1st six months of next year it would be great to have a catch up!!
8th September 2014

Great blog....
Many thanks for this blog - what an amazing experience in Canada - taking your time and camping out - how did you manage to choose only 5 pages of, Ros.
23rd August 2014

Hairy Dean
Hi guys - all sounds wonderful. And love the beard, Dean! xx J&J
29th June 2014

Just back from Canning & catching up on emails!
All sounds fabulous - except for the robbery bit! Keep enjoying the adventure!! xxx
23rd April 2014

Hi guys - Sarah wants to know if/when you're going to China? She's in Dali for a few more weeks & would love to see you! xx Jan
21st April 2014

India - land of contrasts
I get it. But after we left we DID want to go back, in spite of it all. Maybe you'll feel the same. Great blog. Miss you! xx from J&J
12th April 2014

What an amazing place of contrasts alright. Sad to hear (being a parent) how some little kids have to do it tough. I say to ours to remember how lucky they are very day. Hope you guys are both well and I'm very impressed Deano didn't body slam the old dude that nicked his wallet. Holy cow is right. Take care and travel safe. Plums, Corrine and crew
3rd April 2014

it would not send the other email i sent you which is bobheasman@gmail .com but you should get this please let me no Regards Bob & Audrey
3rd April 2014

gday Mate
We had 2 mm of rain since you left everybody is ok. always sit on-left side of the bus because you may get hit by 1 off those Indian drivers have a good time going up that pass to get to Kathmandu Regards Bob & Audrey
2nd April 2014

What an amazing time you had in India, the poverty sounds so awful, dont know how lucky we are to live in NZ
31st March 2014

Hi Di and Dean Great to read your stories. Wish you heaps more fun and safe travel. Pete
14th February 2014

Looks like you two are haven a blast. Very jealous. Hope you didn't forget Valentines Day yesterday Deano. Take care and keep us posted. Plums and crew
16th February 2014

Gidday bruva!
Hey there matey, great to recieve your message on here. You know an old romantic tike me would never forget valentines day! We have a 340km ride through the desert tomorrow, should be interesting! Hard core on the roads here, every thing coming towards you on any side of the road!! I hope all is going good for you guys at home and you are still getting lots of large loving! Well Snow flake, keep ya chin up and ya nose clean! Love to Corine, Taj and Indigo.
9th February 2014

You certainly have done a lot so far and many lovely experiences Take care XX
19th December 2010
The Party Bus

wow... do you think it has enough lights?
19th December 2010
Strom clouds

Love clouds. have a real fascination with them xx
11th December 2010

looks awesome guys. very jealous. enjoy the rest of the trip. have a wonderful xmas and new years if we don't speak beforehand. plums
10th December 2010

hey Uncle :) xox
8th December 2010

Another great blog guys
Wow, you have some wonderful photo's and it sounds like you are really enjoying your dream. Glad you got to see Santa at his village and I am sure if Dean be's good he might get a bike (not sure how he will get that home in his back pack). Take care and look forward to the next blog. Luv Arrette and Dusty
5th November 2010

Hello people, nice to read your bloc.Still travelling, lovely! When are you coming to holland? At the end of november I will fly to the states for travelling. We keep in toch! love Liz

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