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10th June 2014
Pole dancing Cow with g string

I saw this cow when I was in Guernsey as part of the cow parade. Where can I buy one?
8th June 2011
Piles of stones

H Miracle Review
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From Blog: Cerro Chirripo
20th October 2010
Some light in an otherwise dull parade

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11th February 2010

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15th May 2009

Hey Lynne Great video i love tigers !!!!!! Looks like your having a ball still thats great , what ya up too now ? still teaching ??? Shaz
31st December 2008

great photos!!
26th December 2008

Great tips!
Wow, this is one of the best tips for visiting Vietnam so far. The goods and the bads are clearly defined with no bias. Only one minor thing about princes seems to be misunderstood. Prices for STRANGERS (not only tourists, but also for locals look new to the place) are double, triple. But good thing is, as you mentioned, everything is negotiable (I would initially lower down to 30-40%, rather than 60%, with smiles and some basic Vietnamese words). I believe your tips will be very helpful for coming tourists. Thank you very much.
5th October 2008

Yes, it WAS fun!
I think it was the best day of my holiday - I LOVED every second of of it (even the bit when we fell into the water)! Thanks for your company, it was so much fun partly because we had such a great team! :) Anna from Finland
31st August 2008

Thanks for your comment
Hi there, we have been in San Jose for 2 days and will head out to Tortuguero on Sunday for a week, then to Turrialba for a day of rafting, after that to Matapalo Beach for 2 weeks volunteering with the turtles and eggs and then finish off with a hike up Chirripo. Hope Gustav will move on quickly and not cause any heartache for anyone. Have a great time at the beach and for the remainder of your holiday. Cheers Lynne
29th August 2008

Did you say crocidile?
oh man i hope I am not intruding or being nosy reading your blog, I too am in Costa Rica, San Jose now but headed to the beach this weekend, we have moved here on a bit of a whim picked up from the US did a bit of research on safety of "human" factors and education and such, but I had no idea to expect Crocodiles... what fun, I look forward to the howler monkeys these, I had read about. kudos to you camping I love the adventure... Pura vida

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