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4th November 2010

Luv it
Way to go guys, sounds like you had a blast...back to reality sucks, hey
30th October 2010

wow - you gorgeous couple!
Thank you for sharing your wonderful trip with me!! I only just read your whole story. Enjoy the end of your holidays!
27th October 2010

Have you seen a happy couple?
Hey guys! You look so incredibly happy on the pictures! Looks like a great honeymoon! I just wish, that you would have been like that on Cat Ba Island. Smiling and having fun and not arguing and complaining and beeing in a bad mood all the time. ;-) No, t o be honest, we really miss you! It was a great time with you and we are looking forward to visit you in Australia and get there on your nerves!! Huggs Natalia
16th October 2010

Hilarious! Sounds like you guys are having a great time! I had heard the traffic and streets were chaos from my brother-in-law who was there recently so loved your description. Glad you got to see some traditional markets and taste the local cuisine. Fossill is seriously jealous of the price of the beers!... but not so much drinking it on ice! Hope your flight to the Island went well and you are now ready to relax and enjoy some time together. Love, Sam PS. Chris .... stop stealing jewellery from the locals ... surely if beer is that cheap than you can source some cheap pieces! Have fun and stay safe!
6th October 2010

Congrats on the new appointment Chris, hope your trip is awesome!
6th October 2010

Chriso Legend!
Mate youre in! congratulations bro - Have fun in vietnam,theres a steelers jersey waitin for you when you come to brisso for your training!! say gday to mrs neden
5th October 2010

well done chris
So good to see you both off for your wonderful honeymoon!!! Watching the sun set over the water is pretty amazing hey! Well, well, Chris.....now that you're a firie, what is your wondrful wife going to do in Bowen???? Have babies???? Congrats Son!! You have achieved your child hood dream. Sooooo happy for you. Enjoy your special time away together. Talk soon. Love Ma
4th October 2010

miss you!!!
hey you 2 lovebirds!!! dd im so sorry i didnt call you back lucas had a massive hit to the coffee table!! anyway, hope you both have a fabulous time how i miss you already...i promise we will not leave it so long between visits if anything coming up there was the best thing i have done in a long time how i have missed you!! big congrats chris (slap yourself on the back for me please.......right now.......thank you). looking forward to the blogs and adventures you 2 are sure to have xoxoxoxox

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