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"Well it seemed like a good idea at the time". And of course the time is now

South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Santiago January 23rd 2011

Just to break it up a bit this will be the next and possibly last part of this blog. Will start Around Lake Titicaca I hope then the general plan is to Puno, Cuzco and Arequipa before back to Chile, Santiago and home. See what happens. D 23/1/11 Bugger, just got robbed, that will change things. D 23-1-2011. So maybe no more photos this trip, even if I do find some decent fungi Stuck in La Paz for longer than expected as it has taken 4 days of police visits. The Honory Consulate has been great getting emergy documents and ta Oz for sending the cash. I have rebooked a trip to Lake titicaca tomorrow and will hang out there for a few days waiting for a new credit card to arrive. Maybe a bad move ... read more

South America December 31st 2010

Thought I would start another entry as the other may be getting a big big. Starting 2011 by catching an overnight bus to Santiago (home of the camera snatcher) and with luck get the first available bus to Mendoza. Should be a bit of a Climate change and also cultural shift. See how it goes. Enjoyed New Years celebrations in Pucon. Well done to 2 of the frenchmen who set off for the volcano climb this morning after a late finish to the evening. But it was great to see so many happy people up and out at midnight (and 1am, 2am, 3am etc.) The fireworks were great as was the atmosphere in the plaza for music and dancing. I had no idea that fireworks could set off so many car alarms which added to the ... read more
again another citizen
Havnt seen this add before
Volcano Villaricci

South America November 19th 2010

Made it without a scratch, bussing from Santiago to Patagonia tonight. Should be a fun trip. Not looking forward to the wind or cold after the pleasant north but...... And then just a few hours before catching the bus some bastard stole the camera out of my hands. I was in plaza de Armes sitting on a bench taking snaps when a bloke came from behind, grabbed the camera and took off across the road into a market area. I jumped over the fence to give chase, yelling, but was help up by what I assume to be at least one of his mates and so of course lost him. After 2 hours talking to the police not much else could be done, bugger So at least a few of the pics are saved on this ... read more
not so old art
Buenos Aires Airport
Main St Buenos Aires

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Caloundra November 18th 2010

Following are some of my old Pics. Apologies for the quality as most are photos of photos (yes Virginia, in the old days we only had film inside the camera). In most cases there are good quality pictures of the mushrooms and even some of the people next to them, but I like these sort of snaps. I also like the looks on the faces of people when first asked to pose with a fungi. Good sports all of them.... read more
Blackdown Tablelands
Forest Glen

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Caloundra November 15th 2010

This may be what some call a homepage. I think of it as a crash test dummy. And next week the real thing... read more
West of Kings Beach

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