Daena Berkhout


Daena Berkhout

Africa » Ghana » Volta » Ho March 25th 2014

For our adventure this weekend, we chose to go to Wli Falls. Wli is the highest waterfall in Ghana (about 70 meters drop!) and is a part of the Agumatsa River. Wli Falls are located about 15 kilometers south east from the city of Hohoe (in the Volta Region). But first some quick definitions: Tro-Tro: Get as many people as possible into a van with a broken speedometer and charge them some change to go anywhere around Ghana. Taxis: Taxis in Ghana are more like buses, you go to a station, you get into the car which probably shouldn't be on the road and you share it with other people (sometimes animals), and you hold on for dear life. Obruni: What Ghana-ens call white people. So to start our journey which should of taken five hours, ... read more
Wli Falls 2
Wli Falls 3

Africa » Ghana » Central March 19th 2014

It’s taken me to five days to recover, but here it is; my first observations of this wonderful place. I arrived in Accra, Ghana after a 27 hour trip from Australia via Dubai with few hitches beyond the usual travel niggles. United Arab Emirates Airlines were great as usual. Kotoka International Airport could not be more different to any I have experienced before – either in Africa or in Western world. For a start, my fingerprints were taken as part of the customs and immigration clearing process. Joseph was professional and most polite about his job, but I still found it an affront to my personal identity. It was a great way however to start my adventure however. Driving in Johannesburg is scary, but driving in Accra is like progressing from the usual rollercoaster ride to ... read more

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