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Central America Caribbean » Panama » Panamá » Panama City January 19th 2012

Since I always fly Copa Airlines when travelling in the Americas, I always have to connect flight in Panama. Sometimes it’s just an hour in transit and other times it’s a day. Panama is a beautiful country, apart from time spent here in transit; I have visited this precious country twice in the past. First in Dec 2009 for a month and later in April for 2 weeks, this means I’ve been blessed to visit the beautiful places the country has to offer. Well, when next you find yourself in transit in Panama and you have a few hours before your next flight, there are several sites to check out in Panama City. The Panama Canal is one; there is Albrook mall (a bit far from the airport); Metro mall (very close to the airport and ... read more
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South America » Brazil » Bahia » Salvador January 18th 2012

Hmm I’m not going to write much but you should be aware that this country is slightly overrated. First, the drop dead gorgeous people you are expecting to see probably don’t exist. Don’t get me wrong, you will find gorgeous folks in Brazil but the beauty is comparable to that of the US or Colombia. I walked off the plane assuming 99% of Brazilians are drop dead gorgeous and it took me a week to get over this shock. One thing though is that the Portuguese language is charming (yes more charming than Spanish). I only visited Rio de Janeiro and Salvador (Bahia). Both places are awesome however Salvador is richer in culture. The only crazy thing I did on this trip is to take a 31 hours bus ride from Rio to Salvador. I’ll never ... read more
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Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Oeste » La Habana December 26th 2011

My second time in this Caribbean island! What can I say, sometimes I love it here and sometimes I feel so frustrated that I can’t wait to leave. But I keep coming back – can’t explain. Since my last visit here (last year March), things seem to have changed or maybe I just didn’t pay attention before. Seem that that are (1) more new car models on the streets; (2) more begging; (3) folks are more vocal about their dissatisfaction with the government; (4) Cuban men are way too sexual and direct. Don’t get me wrong, there are still lots of veryyyy old car model around, but more new car model as well especially Kia and Volkswagen are on the road. More begging in that once they know you are a tourist, they ask if you ... read more
Plaza de Revolution
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Central America Caribbean » Haiti » Port-au-Prince November 28th 2011

Everything you heard about Haiti is probably not true. For one, everybody is not dirt poor and the country (at lease Port au Prince) is not crumbled. There are still buildings standing. Yes, some of the folks that lost their houses to the earthquake are still living in camps. The cholera epidemic is gone. I think you should visit, assess the situation first hand before making a judgment. If you ask me, I would tell you Haiti is just like any of the country I have visited in Latin America. I had a good time in Haiti. In fact, Haiti just replaced Colombia as my favorite country! I travelled with four of my friends from the university and we met up with another friend that graduated from the same uni who now works in Haiti. I ... read more
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Central America Caribbean » Honduras » Northern » La Ceiba August 22nd 2011

So I left Colombia for Guatemala, my flight was not a direct one; it was scheduled to stop over in Miami. However, when I arrived in Miami, I found out my flight to Guatemala was cancelled. I was in line for 2 hours, finally when I got to the counter; I was put on another flight for the next day and told that because my original flight was cancelled due to bad weather, which was not their fault, so I would be responsible for my hotel and expenses in Miami. How nice American Airlines, this will mark my first and last time with you guys. This meant I arrived a day later than planned, the only good thing was that I met a person from Turks and Caicos, which mean that whenever I visit Turks, I ... read more
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South America » Colombia » Bogota August 8th 2011

So it’s already the end of my internship. I was officially done on Friday and I left Bogota Saturday morning for Medellin. It was great to see friends that I haven’t seen in almost two years. As usual Juliana and Lexie’s family were great. We went to la feria de las flores which is a big deal here in the state of Antioquia. Aah, we went pole dancing today, it was hard work – my legs and arms soar really bad now. My last few weeks in Bogota was amazing, I met more interesting people at the end of my stay. I met other Africans too; a guy from Nigeria and another from Chad  cool, right? I also went to Tumaco with my job for a workshop; Tumaco is a very beautiful place, warm climate ... read more
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South America » Colombia » Bogota July 12th 2011

Wow, it’s already a month since I’ve been here at my internship. Some days are extremely busy while others are pretty chilled. Two Fridays ago, we partied at one of my co-workers’ place. His apartment is huge, with lots of natural light; there he and another guy taught me a few salsa steps. They said I did well, thou I felt that I was pretty awful. Oh well, it was fun, the party ended 6.30am which meant I was in bed the whole of Saturday. On Sunday, however, we were robbed (a friend and I), the dude stole only the phone, we are fine. The surprising thing was that it was 1pm and lots of people around but they all acted like they didn’t see anything. Well that’s past tense now. This past weekend, I went ... read more
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South America » Colombia » Bogota June 20th 2011

Greetings from Bogota Hope you all had a great weekend The border crossing from Ecuador to Colombia was pretty easy. A 5-hours bus ride from Quito to Tulcan (the border town), 10 mins taxi ride to Rumichaca border, stamp out from Ecuador immigration, cross the bridge to Colombia DAS immigration to stamp in, take a 10 mins taxi ride to Ipiales bus terminal, there take a bus to Cali (10 hours), Bogota or anywhere in the country. In Cali, I met up with folks from Couchsurfing, we went to a ballet show (which was interesting by the way) and later hung out in a canteen eating Empanadas and chatting. It was a great to be in Cali again, I met some of the amazing people there 2 years ago. Left Cali after 3 days for Bogota, ... read more
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South America » Ecuador June 5th 2011

Hello People, As many of you might already know, I’ll be doing my summer internship in Bogota, Colombia. However before getting to Bogota, I explored Ecuador. Throughout the summer, I’ll be posting blogs on my job experience and travel. In Ecuador, I visited Quito (the capital) and Esmeraldas (on the coast). Though I have only a week in Ecuador, it’s been so much fun. Trust me, that country is awesome and very cheap too. Imagine you pay $2 for a full lunch or dinner (this includes a bowl of soul, a plate of rice & chicken and a drink) or $0.75 for a bottle of coke or $0.25 for a one hour bus ride. In Quito, I stayed at the ‘Secret Garden Hostel’; it is in the old part of town. The only thing nice about ... read more
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Africa » Nigeria January 10th 2011

It felt great to go back home after almost four years of being away!! Plus I needed the break to refresh before graduate school resumes in January. Overall, it was 5 weeks of enjoyment, good food, lots of rest, peace of mind and all of those positive things. Also, it was good to see my family and friends…………. Well I wouldn’t write more, enjoy the pictures. Look out for more blog entries this summer; I’ll be doing a summer internship in South America….. ... read more

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