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Europe » Poland » Masovia » Warsaw April 27th 2011

Right, where was I before my new hectic London life rudely interrupted my travel blogging? Ah yes, I was last on a flight to Warsaw. Or Warszawa as the locals call it. I arrived in Warsaw with my sleep tank on empty, but my sense of adventure at full speed ahead. I find it exhilarating to arrive in a foreign city on my own, and I remember thinking I was quite the international man of mystery at the time; There probably wasn't a soul for miles who I had ever come into contact with in all my life! For all they knew I might as well be a professional hit man, or maybe a mega rich business tycoon on the job (though that illusion was ruined when I had to ask a stranger for some loose ... read more
Heaven in a Hostel
The only palm tree in town
The Warsaw Military Museum

Europe » Latvia » Riga Region » Riga April 26th 2011

I arrive at Riga in the dark and set off in an attempt to orientate myself. I figured I had about 20 minutes of walking ahead of me to get to my hostel, Cinamon Sally, and as this was my first bit of solo travel I felt some pressure to get things right! I took a picture of a map and started walking in a random direction, searching for a street name so I'd know where I was. I couldn't find any, but of course I just kept on walking – I'm a man damnit, I don't need to ask for directions! I refused to take a taxi too, I was going to figure this out. After five minutes of walking I eventually found a street name – and it happened to be precisely where my ... read more
The Naughty Squirrel
One of the many squares
Gotta love the architecture!

Europe » Lithuania » Vilnius April 25th 2011

Another whole day of travel later, some of it thankfully on a sleeper train, and we arrive at Vilnius, Lithuania. I was curious about Lithuania as it's got a rich history going all the way back to the 11th century. I'd heard a bit about this from a Lithuanian guy that I worked with in London, who also happened to be one of the most badass & stereotypical hacker dudes I've ever met. Inbetween chain smoking and chugging down energy drinks, and stories about his impressive yet questionable cyber exploits, he would also tell me how proud he was to be from Lithuania, once the “most powerful country in Europe”. It's unfortunate that our time was cut short here by the extensive train travel the previous day, as it looked like an interesting place to explore. ... read more
A well earned cheap & fancy meal in Vilnius
Vilnius Cathedral
Some Polish scenery on the way to Vilnius

Europe » Poland » Pomerania » Gdansk April 23rd 2011

You know, leaving my Auckland life wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. I think the trick is denial, and lots of it. After quitting my job, leaving my awesome Takapuna flat, selling my car, and having an utterly brilliant leaving party as well as mandatory leaving drinks the night before, I eventually get to where I'm saying goodbye to my family at the airport. It's only around here where that realisation sets in: I'm actually leaving the country! AAAH!! Where was I when I made this decision!? So, a full 48 hours of travelling and futile attempts at sleep later, and after being reunited with my long-lost friends James & Hannah, I found myself standing in the chilly night air of Gdansk in Poland. One term comes to mind when I think about ... read more
Gdansk as we arrived
Gdansk as we arrived
On the train to Malbork Castle

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