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25th August 2016

Lithuania is the best!
Lithuania is really nice country. If you'll travel to Lithuania You must to visit Vilnius and other cities. I love nature and cuisine in this country.
23rd March 2015

nice travel.
nice travel. thanks for sharing BhoomiBazaar
15th October 2014

Wow, what a great post! I always had this picture in my mind that Indian trains are super packed (after seing those pictures of people sitting on top of a train car or hanging out the windows), but I never new about their train stations being saturated, too! Also, the texting rickshaw is hilarious!
20th October 2014

Thanks Olga! To be fair, once we got to the platform it was more normal - just the queues to get down to the platform were ridiculous! Haven't experienced one of those trains with people hanging off the side, but it doesn't surprise me. Will have to write about the Russian underground at some point too ;)
3rd March 2013

Warsaw museum planes
Nice photos of Warsaw, but you have the planes wrong. The Mig is a Mig-29 and not 27. The Suchoi is probably a Su-23 and not Su-27.
29th April 2013

Hah, obviously not as knowledgeable about planes as I'd hoped! Thanks for the correction :)
15th October 2011

Hey fellow escapee!
Hehe, thanks!! Always glad to get some positive feedback! Cheers for the corrections, I'll change it now. Hope you're settling back into Californian life and not missing Europe too much :)
26th September 2011

Hi Ireland Travel Buddy!
Clay you seriously are an amazing writer. This made me laugh! Hmmm but since I'm a journalism major I can't help but correct you: we traveled West to Galway (not East) and Guinness has two "N's" haha. Anyway, the trip was fun and rushed...gotta go back and spend more time there. I enjoyed my portion of the money in Europe!! What a good person you are =]
22nd September 2011

Thanks Ruth! As for Castell Coch, I thought we were keeping it on the down-low... :-O But I'm still all for your "waterslide into a middle swimming pool" idea!
18th September 2011

Yey a wales blog!! You\'re very good with words, you described Cardiff very well indeed, allthough you did forget to mention that we are buying Castell coch and turning it into a party castell.
23rd August 2011

Good question
I'd say there's a few reasons. Curiosity is one - The whole world has heard about Chernobyl, and we want to see the place where it all happened! It's probably a similar incentive to why we go to see places of significance to World War 2, only more recent. There's also an element of danger, not to mention a barely touched ghost-town! But I hear what you're saying, and I did love the other places I went to in Ukraine - it's well worth the visit all round. :)
10th August 2011

Why Chernobyl?
Well, I'm glad you enjoyed your trip to Kiev and Chernobyl, But personally I don't understand what makes foreign people go to see Chernobyl :). There are also beautiful places to see in Ukraine, like Crimea. Ukrainian rarely chose Chernobyl as a a sigthseeing for some reason

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