Guatemala - seeking, healing, meditating... a Yoga retreat

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From: November 15th 2012
Until: November 29th 2012

At first, what inspired me to dip my feet on Guatemala soils was a tour that I've checked out from Gap Adventures. It's a tour that would give me the priviledge to live, cook, experience the every day life of the modern Mayans. I was ecstatic with the idea, so I called and spoke to one of the representative just to find out a dissapointing answer that the trip is not very popular and if they can't book 5 more people it will automatically be a no-go. This made me weary, Guatemala was not part of my list to go nor see, I'd rather go somewhere else really. Since I've enrolled myself back to university, budget is definitely the key. I refused not to travel, I want to see the world. I found this website called Mystical Yoga Farm, with their promising view, and simple way of living, I thought why not? I got so enthralled by the idea that I even applied for an apprenticeship for 14 days, since that's all I can afford. After several emails, and a skype interview, I finally got it, I am going to Guatemala with a purpose. This time, it's not about just travelling, its my journey of search of the person whithin. Although I had seen what the place I will be staying at look like and have a little idea of what is to be expected, I will throw all that expectation away and let experience pull me through a new adventure that is something new and unkown to me. I am excited!
Trip Length: 2 weeks
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November 22nd 2012 Indulging my wanderlust Central America Caribbean » Honduras » Western » Cop├ín Ruinas
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