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20th November 2014

Sounds like your having the time of your life. I enjoy reading your post. I hope the best for you and your friends. Peace. Ps. Does llama taste anything like chicken?
21st November 2014

Llama Meat
Thank you so much! Llama tastes nothing like chicken surprisingly. I guess it would be similar to a savory, tender, moist, succulent piece of beef. It's way better than beef though!
26th October 2014

Hey :D I am going to chile with a foreign exchange program for a year and I have a couple of questions about chile if you don't mind? My emails Thanks! Hope maybe we can get in touch and you'll actually see this haha
18th August 2014

Hi, just wanted to say that you have a really good blog here and its enjoyable reading. But have you seen any difference to how a Chilean would respond to a black man?
18th August 2014

Thanks so much! They appreciate both. :) I'll be posting more blogs soon. I went back!
10th August 2014

Want to visit
Your story makes me want to visit Chile. I think it is very unfortunate that black beauty is not celebrated in the U S.
26th June 2014

Chillean are very good people
True i can agree with from South africa,black but what i have experienced here is nothing compared to any country i have ever been,This people are very good indeed and love people who are different from them.Not once was i suspected for anything bad but treated with kindness her.
19th June 2014

Hi, I have commented on this before. I was intending to study in Santiago my 3rd year of college, but I ended up going to Spain instead. In the fall I will definitely be traveling to Santiago. I know the seasons are reversed, but is there anything you would suggest packing or bringing? II specifically mean clothes wise, but anything will help. In Spain the seasons were very similar, but a bit warmer than where I am from.
21st June 2014

Seasonal dress
Hi Christal! Good luck on your adventures! Well during our fall it'll be Spring there. The weather will be getting warmer but I would suggest still bringing a coat. Just like in the U.S., when it's spring it's still cold for a while. It won't be snowing or anything but it will be cool. Also, Chileans are sensitive to any weather that is perceived as cold even if you don't FEEL cold, so if you're walking around in like shorts they're going to think you're nuts! Haha! I experienced a lot of that. In the US we tend to dress more for how it feels outside regardless of the season but in Chile they dress more for the season they are in. make a long story short, bring an array of clothing for all possible weather. It might actually be warm. I was in Valpo which is costal and has slightly different weather from Santiago. But know that if you're going to walk around in shorts and a tank top and they don't think it's "time for that" yet, they'll fret that you're going to get sick and die. Haha Hope this helps!
29th December 2013

Hola & Gracias
Before I left to study in Valpo, yours was the only blog I could find that detailed the black female experience in Chile, and it definitely helped prepare me for my semester abroad. Looking back, it's weird to see how many of the same places (and a few familiar faces) there are in your posts. I miss it already. Hope you're doing well!
2nd January 2014

So glad I could be helpful to you! Trust me. One cannot leave paradise without missing it. ;)
26th July 2013

hey Chekeitha, I enjoyed your blog. Im glad that you had so much fun in Chile. I definately had fun reading about it. And it sucks that it has come to an end. Anyway its great that you received lots of attention from the men there, being black and all. Its great that they appreciated your beauty. Im black as well and will be moving there soon. And i was just wondering, how do Chilean women perceive black men? Will they perceive me as exotic and thus give me lots attention? I could definately do with some of that. Thanks for sharing your experiences and adventures, and if you write a book I will definately read it.
7th August 2013

Lloyd, I'm sure you will love it there. Haha, and yes. They appreciate black women AND black men. One of the ISA students was a black guy and he got his share of stares as well. ;)
5th May 2013

Chilean women are very beautiful, they have very cute faces, they are classy and smart.
26th April 2013

African hair in chile
HHi, i love your blog:) I am African living in Concepcion since 5 weeks. I need hair products for my hair. Do you know where one can buy them😏. How did you manage your hair in Chile? A reply will be very much appreciated. Chao Esther
2nd May 2013

Hair up keep!
Hello! I'm glad you enjoyed my blog. :-) Well, when I was in Chile, I brought all of my hair products with me from the United States. Honestly, in the stores, I did not find ANY of our products. Which is understandable when there are so few of us in Chile. A company would undoubtedly consider it a bad business move to carry our products when there would rarely be anyone to buy them! BUT what I would suggest is having a family member mail you a supply of what you need, depending on how long you will be there. Or, if you are living in one place, you might consider ordering a product online and having them ship it there. That might be too complicated though. Your best bet would be having someone from home buy the products cheaply at a store and then ship them to you. It's a hassle but it's better than dealing with unmanageable hair for months on end. I hope this was helpful!
2nd November 2012

Black women and the chilean nation
I discovered that chilean men are very attracted to black women. Let me go on record to say that I think chilean men are the most handsome men to walk the face of this earth. Dont know what it is except that they have something other white men dont have. My discovery came when I was on a cruise to South America. All I can say is they have it. By the way I am a African American. Hope to visit Chile soon.
18th September 2012

I have read a lot about where \"whiteness\" came from. Light skin has been around for a long time but light eyes and hair arose real recently, after agriculture, near the Black Sea and spread from there. The anthropologists think it spread by sexual selection, that those traits make people more attractive. I think light eyes and hair can make people exotic and exotic is attractive. The most attractive to me are light-skinned Black people with red hair or green eyes! I think Black people are often very beautiful, though, and I appreciate beauty in most races (there\'s only a few I don\'t find attractive - filipino men and Mayan women for some reason). I\'m glad that Chile has been such an eye opener for you. I\'ve been to Europe and its interesting how the mixing of people from many regions has made Americans, at least before the obesity epidemic, more attractive in general. Europeans in a particular region will have \"a look\". Not that they all look exactly the same but there are enough similarities so they have \"a look\". Whites in America don\'t usually have that, with the exception of Appalacians. Nor do Blacks or Latinos. I think the mixing in the New World has really made us all more attractive compared to the Old World.
2nd September 2012

Hi! I thought that this was amazing! I was planning on going to Santiago to study abroad next year. I actually was trying to figure out how I would be able to maintain my hair while I was there and I found this blog. I was enamored! I just couldn't stop reading. At first I was nervous about the fact that there are hardly any African Americans in Chile. Your story put all of my concern to rest! Thanks for sharing. It was a great story. I can only hope that my experience is as great as yours.
2nd September 2012

I'm so glad that you enjoyed my blog and that I could be of help to you! You will LOVE Chile. It's a beautiful country with very hospitable people and trust me...the men will LOVE you. Haha! About maintaining your hair, I don't know if you have a natural hair style or if it's relaxed. But bring ALL of the hair products you will need for the duration of your stay because you will not find our hair products in their stores. I brought my own relaxer with me and thank God I did or I would have been looking like a troll doll after a while. :p I had a whole extra suitcase to bring conditioner, oil sheen, hair lotions, the relaxer etc. And if you wear weave, bring that too! All that I brought was really needed as these products do not exist in Chile. You're going to have such a great time. Just go prepared. No worries! :D
17th July 2012

I had no idea...!
I had not checked your blog again since you returned from Mendoza so it was a surprise to find out you had left Chile. What can I say? It made me sad to read that you were sad to leave, but I was also happy that you had such a good experience living in my birth country. It was a pleasure reading about your adventures and I wish you the best for the future. If you were to write a book, I'd definetely buy it! *Food for thought.. Good luck and God bless you!
20th July 2012

Thank you so much Lucy
I really appreciate all of your comments. It was so nice hearing about your experiences and being able to compare. It helped me make sense of my own madness! And about you reading my book if I ever wrote one...that is a definite compliment! Thank you! I thoroughly enjoyed writing this blog and maybe that could be something in my future. :D I wish you the best of luck too. I might write one last blog on reverse culture shock. Not sure when though. !Pues, Chao!
29th June 2012

Wow... Chekeitha, we are experiencing so many similar things! And you could be my daughter!! ha haa ha! The more I read your blog, the more I realize how far from my roots I\'ve actually grown. How deeply I have integrated into the American culture now -where I can identify with a \"foreign\" girl visiting the country in which I was originally born. Because, that\'s what I think the issue is here, the issue we share even though you are from here but you\'re there, and I am from there but I\'m here... funny, huh? See, I was just the other day talking to another Chilean friend of mine who lives in New York, about the same subject: safety in the streets in Chile. She thinks the reason we both fear being out late at night is because we are... well, there\'s no gentler way to put it... OLD! Ha haa ha! Ouch! She says \"Remember when we were 18 and we used to be out so late at night, sometimes we\'d see the sun come up? Remember we\'d be all the way up the coast (we\'re both from Vina) in Con-con or even further, and we\'d be waiting for -what seemed like- hours for a bus to appear?\" Now we\'re in our mid-fifties and we \"shake in our booties\" when we think about being out late at night in Chile. When she heard I was planning to go visit Chile in Sept. she advised me to wait a couple of more months so I could have my husband accompany me...\" Yeap... and the following night I read your blog... I think feeling unsafe being out late at night in Chile has to do with being, one, a foreigner, and two, older. In your case, it\'s obviously the first... ha haa! I have nieces close to your age and they give me heart attacks when I visit because they go out when I\'m ready to go to bed, and they take buses, colectivos and travel distances to reach a party, club, friend\'s houses, etc. and usually, by themselves. I think Chilean girls are used to it. They know no different because that\'s the environment in which they grew up and where they continue to live. But, of course, they do try to minimize the risk by NOT going to meet people at 1:00 am at Muelle Baron... ha haa ha! And, yes, here in Raleigh, I don\'t have to worry about keeping my purse tight against me because... you\'re right! I\'m in car! I\'m not exposed to people on the street. Just like you, here I go anywhere I want to go without giving it a thought simply because I get in my car and... drive there! In Chile, as a woman, you are 100% exposed when you rely on public transportation. It\'s a way of life there and girls already know the rules so you\'re at a disadvantage. As far as \"needing men\" to protect you, well, I think it\'s more of an issue of what I just said: Chilean girls already know the rules and you don\'t, that\'s why they feel you would be more in need of a \"male bodyguard\". That\'s why people suggest this to you. It\'s not like all girls need a male to accompany them everywhere -only the ones who -for one reason or another- are going to be out late or in areas that might be \"iffy\". Having said that, I agree that it\'s grating that you lose your independance after dark, but truth is, it all depends on where you are/go. Things have always been a bit more \"iffy\" in Valpo. (no matter what time of the day, really) than in Vina del Mar (my old hunting grounds... ha haa ha!). No offense intended -part of my family lives there. Be safe and remember where you are -not here! But don\'t let those safety measures (and common sense) stop you from enjoying this great experience that will most likely remain with you the rest of your life. Just enjoy it SAFELY! Best to you, Lucy
20th July 2012

Haha I told my mom about this comment when I got back home when she was again worried about me going out. I told her, "mom, this lady who used to live in Chile told me her and her friends used to go out late too but now that she's older they're more worried and cautious. Mom, you're just super worried because you're older now!" Hahaha That conversation went over well. :p

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