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4th August 2014

Barred Owls in Beacon Hill Park
Hi Joe & Gemma! I see you are safely home. It was so nice to meet you and share the wildlife in the woods. Check in on Alphie, Bitsy & Cappy's progress at birding.bc.ca under Vancouver Island, the Beacon Hill happenings thread. Happy travels. Come to Victoria again! Regards, Cheryl
5th May 2014

Thanks for the feedback, I loved Normandy what a fantastic place, with so much history!!
15th February 2014

Scars of Angoville-au-Plain
A great trip, some good ideas, thanks! We learnt about the two incredibly brave Screaming Eagle medics in Normandy 1944 visiting the tiny village of Angoville-au-Plain. Photos including the church that served as a first aid post, the two incredible medics and a still blood stained bench that brings the horrible reality of 1944 into focus here: http://www.normandythenandnow.com/the-scars-of-angoville-au-plain
31st October 2013

Glad you're traveling again!
Your writing always makes me smile, and this blog is no exception. I howled with laughter! Please travel more often. Cheers, Kris
1st November 2013

Thanks :) hopefully i'll be going again soon, need to get my Xmas leave sorted then its time to holiday hunt!!
1st September 2013

Which Chernobyl tour company did you use?
10th September 2013

Tour company
Hi, We used solo east, I think their website is www.tourkiev.com Thanks
29th July 2013

What a great read!
I really enjoyed reading this--lots of details and lots of laughs! It sounds like you had an excellent holiday.
29th July 2013

Hey cheers, glad you liked it. The weather was phenomenal for my week off. Definitely the best week in England in a long time!
19th May 2013

What a great write-up! I never knew there was so much to see on a tour at Chernobyl. Your photos really make the devastation felt.
19th May 2013

Thanks, to be honest we didn't think there'd be that much as well, it's an incredibly strange place... Just wish I'd seen those elusive wolves
11th May 2013

Another travel triumph!
Well joe you've had another crazy adventure- mullet mayhem, manhole misery, and toilet tragedy- without eating a chicken Kiev, stealing a trabant or upsetting perestroika. Well done- cant wait for the main event!
1st November 2012

A great write-up!
Enjoyed reading about your adventures again and look forward to reading more! Well done, both.
3rd November 2012

Next up...
The next holiday we have booked is to Kyiv, the Ds and Gemma and I are off to see reactor 4 at Chernobyl. I reckon it shall make for my best work to date :p
24th August 2012

Informative and interesting!
Really enjoyed reading the first part of your Normandy trip. Well-written with humour and compassion. Looking forward to reading about your future adventures.
26th June 2012

Very Moving
Well done on a well written and informative article. You certainly packed a lot into your short stay there. Congratulations- I enjoyed your blog, roll on your next adventure!
10th June 2012

Excellent blog post, Joe. Thoroughly enjoyed reading about your first real taste of the world outside of the UK - here's to your next post!

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