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Amy Barton

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North America » Canada » British Columbia June 28th 2012

Orcas, Indians and Snow.... read more
Awwww, 50 years
Still the one
Pops and Setta hit the Rapids

Fabulous trip to my new favorite Central American country. Late night arrival in your typical shody airport. Hoards of folks screaming and utter mayhem until you see that little white board with your name on it... ahh, relief, so I'm a bit pampered! How do people ever find who they are looking for in such kaos? A quick scoop up in the 87 Toyota - prearranged by the BnB in Granada. Glad we did this due to such a late arrival, shaky reviews on Managua and beautiful next morning! I cannot and will not be able to describe the place we stayed in Granada... stunning old multi courtyard BnB. La Bocona is the name, you'd be a fool if you didn't stay here. Humm, Olga (indeed Nicaraguan) was kind enough to serve me tea in the ... read more

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