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8th June 2018

What a week!
Hope you have many more !!!
7th June 2018

Wow William you certainly had a great experience and saw a lot. Made some nice friends who helped you too. I was looking at your bird pics and remember while on the klong we heard that birdcall and we couldnt identify the bird? I think they are fantail coo coos. Enjoy the rest William! Very proud of you!
7th June 2018

I've become much mor adept at SE Asian bird calls after these last couple of weeks so I'll have a listen when I'm back in Thailand in September.
6th June 2018

Glad you got your laundry done!
What a great adventure. Glad the tapir made an appearance after all that effort. The Guar is pretty impressive as well. Catch up with some much needed sleep! ? ?
4th June 2018

Great time William!
Sounds like real fun William. Would have loved to see the expressions on the French family's faces! You sure are having an amazing experience. Have a great time in the hide!
3rd June 2018

Pictures please
When will you take a few hours out of your jam packed birding to post some pictures. The slow loris and the male peacock pheasant, please.
3rd June 2018

That won't be possible from Taman Negara. I don't actually have Wifi here and I'm using data on my phone. I might manage a few from KL afterwards but I won't be able to go through all the pictures until Perth probably.
2nd June 2018

Part of the experience
You did a sterling job of keeping your head and doing all the necessary. Well done and now go back and enjoy your holiday. Your parents are proud of you.
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31st May 2018

Following your blog with great interest. What an adventure. Enjoy!
31st May 2018

What a day for you William!
I can feel your excitement William. I felt this same feeling the first time I snorkled and spotted a giant sea turtle besides all the other beautiful life. Enjoy son but do take cqre of yourself!
31st May 2018

More sense than to walk in a thunderstorm even for a slow loris!
William, surely that was unnecessary risk! Very pleased you got a walk away view of a slow loris but please be a bit more careful. Glad your last night of spotlighting in BF turned out so fruitful but more importantly, that you lived to tell the story.
1st June 2018

Well apart from the inevitable getting wet, I don't think there are any dangers really with spotlighting in a thunderstorm. You can't get lost on the Telekom Loop very easily.
30th May 2018

William, put a sprinkle of table salt on the leech and it will just drop off you bleeding. Remember to rinse off the salt residue after the leech drops off.
30th May 2018

Proud of you!
Not sure you are getting my mail William. You sure are becoming a world traveler! Hope the weather is better tomorrow!
29th May 2018

Do give both field guide and birder a bit of a break, won't you.
28th May 2018

Even more lifers
Sounds like a fantastic birding spot. Would like to see some photos when you can spare the time.
27th May 2018

14 lifers! Amazing!
That was certainly an adventure but well worth it judging by that list. Did you get a picture of the cuckoo?
28th May 2018

I got some good pictures of the second cuckoo species on that list which posed very nicely. The first one was a binocular view, but quite a clear one. If I get around to it, I will add pictures to these last two posts which don't have them.
26th May 2018

A packed day
Gosh, you packed a lot into a day. Shame about the rain. That's the problem with the tropics! Hope you have better weather tomorrow.
26th May 2018

Empty planes
May there be many more empty flights on your trip. Every travellers dream. Good luck on your first stop!
24th May 2018

Loving the posts
William, Thanks for the postings. Missing you loads but reading these make things slightly easier.
22nd May 2018

More Jeddah contacts
Hello William. Les Hammel and I will be following your progress, as always with interest. It is a shame we won't get to catch up with you and the family this year in Perth, we will be in Spain.
21st May 2018

Hi William, I was fascinated reading your blog and would love to hear more about your travels. I live on the island of Borneo and the wildlife there is truly amazing. Send us a message when you arrive here and I will try and meet you. Have a fantastic adventure and enjoy it. Cheers Jo Marshall
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20th May 2018

William, let us know if you need any help or advise when you’re on Borneo. We’re in Brunei and live in a beautiful area where we can spot Oriental pied hornbills on a daily basis and recently a pair of Asian Black and Wrincled hornbills have been coming into the area we live...:very lucky. Let us know if you come this way and we can give you shelter!!If you’re wondering who I am, we used to live in the same compound in Jeddah. Your mum put your link on Facebook.
From Blog: Prologue
20th May 2018

Hello William, great to read your blog. I am very interested to read all about your travels. The world awaits you my friend. Travel well and be safe. Cheers Jayne Hugo
From Blog: Prologue

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