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16th August 2018

Glad you enjoyed a fruitful/FAUNA full day!
Singapore is very small William and that is why things seemed crammed. The botanical garden is huge and you will need time to enjoy that. Marina Bay Sands is a famous landmark too and the view from up there is beautiful. Talk to the locals William and they will give you an idea where to go.
7th August 2018

Oh what a day!,
Great trip William and some life lessons too. Did you see any golden pheasants. You didnt mention them. They were plentiful when I was there and quite beautiful. Hope they are still there!
2nd August 2018

Enjoy chill time Wiliam!
Enjoy the chill time William. You do need a slower pace to pick up with your health too.
28th July 2018

Alone again William!
Love your humorous monologue about the moon William. Wll chat with you on skype when you get to At Patty's home!
19th July 2018

Just saw a documentary on Bornio.
Another lovely day William, are you enjoying being with family again! I have been yo some of tbe places you mentioned today! Enjoy Green island!
19th July 2018

Just saw a documentary on Bornio.
Another lovely day William, are you enjoying being with family again! I have been yo some of tbe places you mentioned today! Enjoy Green island!
15th July 2018

Wow William!
Sounds like another great day William!
12th July 2018

Sounds great William
You and At. Patty are enjoying the time of your life William. Thanks for the blogs!
11th July 2018

Glad you’re feeling better
Great blog. Obviously feeling better.
7th July 2018

Glad you are safe with At. Pat
Glad you are both together. Glad i didnt have to experience the turbulence. There are two words I hate to here and they are turbulence and corkroaches. Have a good rest yonight William . At. Patty has been super busy and she too would enjoy a good rest.
29th June 2018

Nope, this is one species rather than something like bulbuls in general. Although Yellow-vented Bulbul is close but not quite everywhere.
26th June 2018

Another day in paradise!
Love your story about grabbing boiled eggs and running into the bush William. Granny, At. Pat and mom are talking about their get together in Perth. Continue to enjoy William and thanks so much for the blogs whenever you can!
24th June 2018

Thanks William
Thanks for taking the time to share your fun experiences. Glad you are meeting some people who share your same interest. We were expecting to hear from you tomorrow but getting mail today is great. Miss you William!
24th June 2018

Well it's not really about taking the time - I wrote that post on the day - but this was my first chance where I actually found a spot with connection to be able to post it. So this is from a few days ago, but the update of the rest of my days at Danum will hopefully be posted tomorrow. Depending on how the journey goes.
21st June 2018

So good to hear from you William
Sounds like things are becoming a bit tougher as you go further, William.Please do keep us posted when you can and do take care.Is there a chance of seeing a tasier here?
16th June 2018

Till we hear from you again!
Another fun day for you William. Mom says we wont be hearing from you for a while. Enjoy to the fullest son and do write when you can!
17th June 2018

I won't be going offline quite yet. The next two nights are at Kinabatangan followed by one night at Lahad Datu and I should have internet/phone connection in both those places but after that is 5 nights at Danum Valley where I believe I will have not internet or phone reception at all. So don't expect to hear from me from the 20th-25th unless there is some unexpected internet.
14th June 2018

Pigmy squirrel.
What does a pigmy squirrel look like William. There is a family of very small and cute squirrels that live in Perfect Place and I somwtimes see them and wonder if they are pigmy squirrels.
15th June 2018

It just looks like a teeny tiny brown squirrel with a tail that is a bit shorter than the body. They are absolutely tiny, the body is max 8cm according to the field guide, maybe a bit longer than a thumb. You won't have them in Thailand, the Bornean Pygmy Squirrel AKA Plain Pygmy Squirrel is endemic to Borneo (and there are a couple of other endemic Bornean pygmy squirrel species) i.e. it is not found anywhere else in the world. There are some other squirrels called pygmy squirrels like in Africa and such but I don't think there are any in mainland SE Asia.
14th June 2018

Selamat Datang
Brilliant writing, William! We appear to be having sub-tropical humidity here in Warsaw thanks to the Vistula and perpetual warmth. You may want to check out Paul Theroux's 'Riding the Iron Rooster' etc... it's not as saporific as Conrad - I promise. I saw the tarsiers in Cebu, amid much tree disturbance from the park's custodians. Happy travelling.
14th June 2018

Happy pattern
Glad you have your in and out times all sorted. Hope you see a tarsier soon.
12th June 2018

So sorry William.
WILLIAM I feel annoyed for you and I can imagine how hard it is not to be furious. Are they wanting a bribe. They know you so badly want to go in so they see it as an opportunity to get a bribe. Hope they wont be so rediculous today.
9th June 2018

You survived!
Dear William, you certainly experinced a topsy turvy day but survived it.Well done son. Wish I were going to the zoo with you tomorrow! Enjoy and lie low a bit!
From Blog: Back to KL
9th June 2018

Catch up with some sleep
Hope you have a decent sleep in and recharge those batteries. Borneo awaits!
From Blog: Back to KL

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