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15th December 2010

Is this a commercial or a comment to my photo?
10th December 2010
Pomegranate Ice Tea

Iced tea Drink
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18th October 2010

Giants picts
Great pictures, I love the picture of the garlic fries, yum!!!!!
30th September 2010

Respond to Your Comment
Glad u liked my pixz...where is Noosa Hotel?
2nd September 2010
Wow, this is so cool! Thanks fro sharing this. My kids will surely love it. They enjoyed our vacation at Noosa Hotel when we on on their tour to the beaches and rainforest. This will be somthing new to them. If you have a chance visit, please visit me back.
16th April 2010

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4th March 2010

How come none of your blogs have pictures? I wanna see pictures :)
7th August 2009

I had a wonderful vacation at Cancun too...
I went to the Indian Restaurant Elefanta, in shopping center La Isla, it was a wonderful dinner!
7th August 2009

Cancun wonderful vacations
I also had a wonderful vacation in Cancun, waoo the sun and the beach and the restaurants, I tried Elefanta too, indian's fantastic! thank you pal...

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