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13th October 2012

I love the discourse on the various forms of national pride. It comes in so many flavors.
14th September 2011

I don't know if i ever told you, but I did the same Uyuni tour out of San Pedro. The first night in the "refuge" was probably the coldest night of my life. I'm dying to trade more travel stories with you. My doors in Mexico are open to you any time.
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20th June 2010

I LOVED your "Digging in the Dirt" post! It was so interesting, and the photos were great! It reminded me of my own time there and how much I loved it! My blog is looking for travel stories, photos, reviews, etc, to share. If you have the time, check it out at, or email me at Continued fun on your travels! Heather
10th April 2010

Awesome pics!
Awesome pictures, dude! I cannot begin to imagine the skill and craft of the architects and stone masons who could put together a structure like that on that hillside in that climate.
21st August 2009

17th March 2009

Iquitos *******
Me gusta mucho tus historias. Espero que sigas publicandolas y no Olvides! detalles.
4th February 2009

Please, please, please, try the mango pie before you leave. Or maybe I'll get motivated this summer and try to make one.
23rd January 2009

Wow. Those pictures are amazing. Can't imagine what it must be like to actually see it in person.
23rd November 2008

Great Work
Great shots, fantastic compositions, congratulations, really nice work. http//
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23rd November 2008

your bolivia street-sleeping story beats my napoletano street-sleeping story. paws down.
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15th October 2008

niente. sorry about the attractive english girl from bristol.
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15th October 2008

Grazie. I verified the spelling on Google, but didn't think to check it against a particular language. Doh.
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14th October 2008

giacomo not jacabo
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14th October 2008

thanks for narrating your adventure.
LOVE IT! I think I am your #1 fan. You need to publish these memoirs as a book.
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24th September 2008

They complained about how Latin Americans speak Spanish, told me I should come back to Madrid, and I never saw them again.
23rd September 2008

you'll have to explain this norway one to me. love the rock-walking-moving, by the way.
23rd September 2008

what happened to the madrileñas? oh yeah, they were madrileñas...
23rd September 2008

Oh Fran
Originally introduced as "English guy from Cornwall". I don't use real names without permission FRANCIS MCDOOGLESON. I wish that was your name.
22nd September 2008

Cornwall?, really. You know someone named Cornwall? Is this fiction?
12th September 2008

No rain?
I can't believe you're in a place that only has a bus 3 days a week. I love the pics so far.
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14th August 2008

I'm never going to live that down, am I? My POS Motorola phone is about to die, so no cell access likely for the next x months....
From Blog: World in My Eyes
14th August 2008

I don't know why you're thinking of spending time packing clothes. You'll never remember to take them with you. :D Just get the electronics--priorities you know. Oh, and you should create a twitter account for when you have cell phone access and just want to jot down something really quickly. (and plus it's my new addiction)
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12th August 2008

que cada dia que pases sea mejor que el anterior. MIL BESOS. hLiz.
From Blog: Signs of Life
3rd August 2008

I am so jealous of you for doing the things I never could. I can't wait to hear all about your adventures. You are an amazing person who teaches me something about myself at least once a month. I'm ready to read!
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