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31st July 2021
The Reinvented / Gentrified Casco Viejo

From Blog: Panama City
25th July 2021
Puerto Lindo Colors

Yes beautiful colors
This is charming.
From Blog: Puerto Lindo
17th July 2021
Beach Reflection

6th July 2021
Stuck in the Storm

All you had hoped for?
Sorry to say, but after all you went through to arrive at this village I would think you had to be a little underwhelmed. The expression on your face in this photo seems to indicate you took it all in your stride though! Hope you were able to persuade your tarantula house guest to find other sleeping quarters!!
5th July 2021
Tarantula in the House!

Yikes!.... now that is a monster.
5th July 2021

$15 sea bass sounds like a fantastic deal.
30th June 2021

Thanks for giving us the low down on life in Panama. It is great people are slowly moving about the world. El Valle sounds lovely. People make the experience.
27th March 2021

Himachal Diaries
I really loved reading your blog. I am also fond of traveling. One of the best places I have been to is Shimla in Himachal Pradesh and absolutely loved its vibe. Other places especially Spiti valley road trip and Kaza to Chandratal lake. These two trips were just amazing. Offbeat Destinations in Himachal Pradesh Shimla to Kinnaur road trip 2020 Spiti Valley Bike Trip Offbeat places to visit near Shimla 2020 Shimla to Kinnaur road trip 2020
From Blog: Shimla
13th March 2020

Taxi Booking in India
Manali was once to be the most beautiful Hill station, but now it’s too much crowded. Beautiful photography and excellent blog.
From Blog: Manali in June
24th February 2020

Once I had the opportunity to go to that festival and I really liked the celebration of part of the agency that supported us.
13th August 2019

Very Good Blog
Very Good Blog. Nice reading it
From Blog: Chandigarh
24th July 2019

Glad Bellini is still kickin'
My texts are not going through, buddy! Find the sunlight amidst the are in a wonderful place. I had to come over here to make sure you were still cool. See you next year, Mike
From Blog: Vilcabamba
24th July 2019
Domes at Night

Sorry to hear about the rain but this is beautiful.
From Blog: Cuenca
9th July 2019
View from Hostal Lago Vista

El Salvador
From Blog: Suchitoto
28th June 2019

Rich in history. So many Unesco Heritage Sites and so little time.
From Blog: Copan Ruinas
23rd June 2019

Nice view
Not touristy
From Blog: La Ceiba
23rd June 2019

Looks like you are having a great time. The air freshener might have made me sick again, not sure. Usually the fragrance is too strong and if I'm already sick... well you get the idea. Glad you found a quiet place to stay.
3rd August 2018

Sick on the road
Nothing worse than getting sick while traveling especially food poisoning becuase you feel so bad longer than you want. Glad you are doing better.
3rd August 2018
View from Dinh Lang Biang Do Cau

Beauty around the world
We live in a beautiful world
From Blog: Da Lat
1st August 2018

Sounds like you've found a non-touristy place to explore. Thanks for taking us along.
From Blog: Quảng Ngãi
25th July 2018

Food adventures
So many eels so little time.
From Blog: Da Nang
21st July 2018

45 degree heat is a guarantee of misery everywhere you go
Delhi is better in the winter, still challenging, but much better. I always quite liked Delhi but with it recently having claimed the title of world's most polluted city perhaps there is never going to be a good time to visit.
From Blog: New Delhi
21st July 2018

All the new infrastructure makes travel very convenient but ...
I visited 10 years ago - sounds much the same but with more construction and a cable car -- woo hoo. Unfortunately, it also means that there will be many more tourists as well. To avoid all the tourists we mostly visit in shoulder seasons (if they even exist anymore -- a lot of places seem to be in season all year round), but we don't always get good weather, and in Sapa we couldn't see the rice terraces at all. I guess if we visit again, we will look for a smaller village nearby to stay. We also bought a lot of little purses and bags, etc. In Laos too. We felt it was the least we could do for these people that don't actually benefit from the tourism and with the weather being bad were the best thing there - meeting and talking to them made our stay very enjoyable. Have to mention the Baguette and Chocolat cafe too -- after a month of rice and vegetables I made it my mission to try all the French pastries, we visited every day but we didn't succeed!
20th July 2018

The touts are annoying at times and to have them follow you along the way with expectations would be annoying Thanks for taking us along.
14th July 2018

If we go back to India we will add this city to our list.
From Blog: Udaipur

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