Kimberly Gress


Kimberly Gress

love to travel, to help deaf folks and want to touch just one person every day.

Africa » Kenya » Nyanza Province » Kisii May 31st 2012

As the gentle cool breezes flow I am reminded of the reason I came to Kenya. I came because of the children. I came to show them love. To give them hugs. I came to show them the Christ we speak about and lives inside of me. I think back to when I was a child. Do these chilren have the same experiences, the same adventures I had? No, I think not. While they think "Where will my next meal come from?" I knew. When they think of " Will I go to school tomorrow?" I knew. While they think "Will my momma and daddy be home tonight?" I knew. I had been assured that all was well. These children came from homes that were broken, starving, without medical care and without Christ for many of ... read more

Africa » Kenya » Nyanza Province » Kisii April 29th 2012

It started raining in late March, not alot but some every few days, now it is pouring! Downpours occur daily and you best be prepared. I learned that one day when I went to a friends house down the road and was on the back of a pik pik (motorcycle taxi). The driver stated "It is raining there" I said "I'll be ok I won't melt." Well let's just say that when I arrived at my friend's house, I was soaked! Glad I had placed a shawl in my bag! Last weekend the family I am staying with and 2 of the girls from the orphanage and I went to Homa Bay. Can I say "WOW". It was beautiful. Just to see what God made with his own hands was amazing. The cool water brushing up ... read more
Homa Bay on the Lake of Victoria
Homa Bay 032

Africa » Kenya » Nyanza Province » Kisii April 9th 2012

It's been a month today that I left the United States of America for the far western bush of Kenya in East Africa. I love it! I traveled far but the journey is worth the time here. I am in a place that is green, which it isn't green in Texas where I reside normally. Beautiful hills, livestock, and chickens galore!! Every time I hear a squawk I know there is another egg waiting to be hatched or eaten whatever the case may be! The orphanage where I am visiting sits on some beautiful land out in the bush, as the Kenyan people say. It sits on rolling, green hills as far as the eye can see. The sunsets are beautiful as you look out from where I sleep. Last night we had some rain and ... read more
Janet and Irene
Killion and the gang

Africa » Kenya » Nyanza Province » Kisii February 28th 2012

Just a few more days left in America. I am excited, nervous and unsure of what to expect. I have been to Kenya before, yes that is true, but this some how feels different. I am leaving my beloved pets, family and treasured friends for a whole new culture. Will I fit in? Will I do what I am made for? Will I?????? It feels as though I have electricity flowing thru my body at 12,000 miles per hour! Jambo!... read more

North America » United States » Texas » Abilene February 9th 2012

Well folks, I will be off to Kenya here in about 700 hours! Can you say EXCITED????? Yes I am really excited to be doing what the Lord wants me to. Am I nervous? Yes! Who wouldn't be? But it will be fine. I have been to Kenya a number of times. The last one being last year in June. Wow! Did I ever have fun! I was able to read to the orphans a book in their language Kenya Sign language (KSL). I work in the US in a deaf education program, so that is where knowing the ASL (American Sign Language) comes in handy while in Kenya. Their KSL is similiar to ours with some thing different. Having the background in ASL allowed me to pick up some KSL varily quick. Watching the children ... read more

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