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Europe » Spain » Extremadura » Cáceres » Casar de Caceres May 20th 2012

BLOG 4 Tuesday 8 May – Halleluiah, we have sun!! We left you last time earlier today, in overcast skies, at a McDonalds in Caceres trying to Skype Tom (with no luck). Whilst one of us dealt with computer matters the other did a big shop at Carrfour (bless him!) We then drove for just under an hour, along a mostly motorway road with reasonable but very flat landscape to Trujillo. Once again you could see it in the distance – a magnificent walled castle town atop a big hill. This time it REALLY lived up to expectations – the best place we’ve been to so far.....AND by the time we got there the sun was well and Trujillo out – his vest and both coats were abandoned and having parked up near the town, we ... read more
2 Trujillo
3 Trujillo- Pizarro
4 Trujillo

Europe » Spain » Extremadura » Cáceres » Casar de Caceres May 8th 2012

Wednesday 2 May – Last night we were freecamped by the river and Roman bridge at Alcantara. Today we drove back up into town for a look-see. Weather overcast and chilly – fairly interesting town, pretty much deserted. Had a coffee in the square and moved on. An hour or so’s drive to Valencia de Alcantara through varied countryside – flat & barren, green & rolling, hilly & rocky. We stopped half way on a farm track for lunch and a siesta and arrived In Valencia de Alcantara late afternoon – freecamping next to the bullring. Thursday 3 May – The town is very pleasant and busy. Groups of old men sitting in the square, women gossiping on street corners. Our Spanish successfully tracked down and purchased a Mother’s Day card for Oz before a walk ... read more
2 Raining again in Alcantara
3 Valencia de Alcantara
4 Valencia de Alcantara

Europe » Spain » Extremadura May 3rd 2012

Hello again.......... Wednesday 25 April – From our campsite just out of Salmanca, we were going to cycle the 6km river path into the city today but...........too damn cold and windy (at least no rain). So instead we drove in, managing to find fairly close parking. What a bloomin’ difference the weather makes.........our memories of Salamanca was bustle, life and fabulous streets and buildings. The buildings of course were still as great but the impetus to walk around them in gale force winds, plus the lack of life on the streets – nothing out on the pavements etc – made it a less enjoyable visit than last time. We treated ourselves to a delicious typically Spanish 3 course lunch in a charming restaurant, including bread and a BOTTLE of red wine.....for 12 euros each! Amazing value ... read more
2 Salamanca
3 Salamanca
4 Salamanca

Europe » Spain » Castile & León » Salamanca April 24th 2012

So - BLOG goes: Tuesday 17 & Wednesday 18 April – A coffee stop at Claire’s with a great send-off from her and the boys began our 2012 adventure to Spain. Boarded the ferry at Portsmouth and set sail in cold and windy weather at 5pm. The evening passed pleasantly with a passable steak meal and an excellent cabaret – a magician and Frank Sinatra! The weather was pretty rough but we spent an OK night in our tiny yet adequate cabin....waking now and again, either to try and get more comfortable in our bunk beds or to the sound of everything on the dressing table crashing to the floor then rolling around or overturned chairs! ................’til about 10.30am when we surfaced, breakfasted, read, lunched, read etc. The restaurant suffered a good amount of broken ... read more
2 Lierganes
3 Lierganes
4 Burgos

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Northamptonshire » Crick April 15th 2012

So, another trip – not long now. Getting excited .......but leaving our two gorgeous grandsons for 3 months will be harder this time as we now live so close and obviously see them more often. Of course Claire and Paul will be missed, as will Tom, whom we’ve just seen for a few hours between returning from Cape Town and driving the truck from the UK to Istanbul for a 8 month trip to Beijing and back. However the yearning for a bit of sun and adventure is calling and go we must. The final organising/stocking-up is underway and we hope to be ready to set forth on Tuesday 17 April, arriving in time to check in for our Portsmouth to Santander crossing at 5pm. Our last Spanish trip in 2010 took us through France, down ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » West Sussex » Billingshurst June 21st 2011

These are just a random collection of quirky or favourite pics from our Feb - May trip... read more
3 Sitia
4 Spili
5 Ponte Vecchio

Europe » France May 19th 2011

Mon 16 May.....We left our loyal blog followers in Audresselles, near Boulogne on the Sunday night. Monday was cool and chilly.....getting us acclimatised for Pommyland! We drove out to Cap Gris Nez to see the far-reaching views...NOT! and after being blown to bits meandered along scenic roads into Boulogne, heading straight for the tyre garage, in a dock-side/industrial area. Arriving at lunchtime, they were of course closed, so we lunched at a trucker’s cafe (tarted up with window boxes of plastic flowers). Using best French to acknowledge the arrival of two beefy, tattooed, hairy-chested, jewelleried lorry drivers...........but only getting the word Eck-oss, Eckoss repeated in reply....... it turns out they were Scottish! (Ecosse). We had a long chat but their accents were so strong, it would have been easier to understand them had they been speaking ... read more
2. Josh
3. The intrepid Traveller
4. Josh

Europe » France May 16th 2011

Tues 10.....So our last blog saw us in the campsite by the Moselle in Schweich. Getting ready to leave was frustrating! The location of the campsite was great but the way it was run was crap. The only utilities block for showers/loos/washingmachine and washing up was way up in one corner....about a 7 minute walk......a tad inconvenient if you’re busting for the loo. Carrying dishes to be washed-up was equally too daunting. However we did use their showers, cycling up and back clutching ones requisites. The showers operated on a weird electronic key system (as did the washing machine)........supposedly great IF it works. . Anyway the final cause of annoyance before leaving was that both grey water (from our sink/shower) and our loo cassette had to be emptied down the same hole. On removing the man-hole ... read more
2 Trier
3 Trier - Dom
4 Trier - Dom

Europe » Germany May 9th 2011

Mon 2 May..... Having enjoyed our time at Obernai, we moved on.......but not before completing two necessary E.Leclerc supermarket shop (which was an even bigger one than last time) and a long session at MacDonalds Internetting......emails and blog. Whilst the text for the blog is written (when possible) daily and therefore can be copied and pasted, the photos (also downloaded/named daily when possible) have to be we chose 52 photos for this week’s blog out of a possible 197!!!! We will be selling tickets on a first-come first-served basis for a full showing of all our photos on our return (17ish May.....make a note in your diaries!) As it turns out, Obernai was about the last of the really good villages on the wine route. In a similar way that we found the best ... read more
2 Rosheim
3 Molsheim
4 Molsheim

Europe » France May 2nd 2011

Sat 23....The weather as we left Verres in Italy was dull and a lot of low cloud. We followed the route towards the Grand St Bernard tunnel, stopping for hours at a MacDonald’s in Aoste catching up with photo downloads and diary writing. That done, the intention was to put it all on the blog/Internet but we lost the connection and couldn’t get it back. Our onward route was only so-so, quite densely populated and a fair bit of industry, though the landscape was good. The houses in this area have roofs of thick grey slate and many have a Swiss-look...wooden balconies and big overhanging eaves. We finally travelled through the tunnel, which was amazing and.....hey presto, as we emerged into Switzerland the skies were blue, the sun was shining and the typically Swiss countryside was ... read more
2 Saillon castle
3 Chateau de Chillon, Montreux
4 Montreux Freddy Mercury

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