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Aud Kennedy

We are taking this journey as a 30th wedding anniversary gift to ourselves! It will be the longest we have been away from family and friends. We love the mountains and backpacking in our old stomping grounds, the eastern Sierra Nevada and thought we would give the Andes Mountains a visit.

Asia » Cambodia August 18th 2010

Well we are here in Lima for another camp out- think we are in double digits now in this airport, we ARE the GIA´s here! Ok were we left off was the canopy and you can see how it better fitted Andrea than Roberto! That was Wednesday and then on Thursday we got up early and headed for the the Tamabopata Reserve-park and hiked 5 km into it mostly through mud! lots of techniques were discusssed and Roberto had flashbacks on mosuito control in the eastern sierra, but with treatment he should recover. Along the way we saw a great group of yellow-blue macaws feeding at a palm tree and making a total racket!! Good pics hopefully and good close viewing. We made it to the lake, a swamp and really were right back in the ... read more

Hola los todos!! As we arrived by plane to Puerto Maldonaldo via a short trip - 45 mins, we quickly saw the canopy of trees covering the earth. And yes there was the RIO winding continuously throughout the jungle. We stepped off the plane expecting the slam of humidity and heat, yet it wasn´t that bad at all. The airport building was open air, we loved that it was very small and unassumming. Outside the taxis were 3 wheeled motorcycles with a bench seat in the rear. Our flight was late so we had to wait a bit for our transport. Then our open air safari-like bus appeared and took us through the city of Puerto Maldanaldo- that was an experience in itself. There are 2 rivers that come together at PM- Tambopata and Madre de ... read more
Aud on the canopy bridge
Boating into the swamp

South America » Peru » Cusco January 20th 2009

Oh my gosh, what a fabulous trek the last couple of days. But first after our last blog we were still gathering gear for our trek and all of sudden we found ourselves inviting to a birthday cake cutting and song in a little tienda (store)! We sang Happy Birthday in spanish then we were served Hot Chocolate and strawberry filled cake. Bob and I kept looking at each other wondering if we were in the right place . . . just smiling. Our trek, what a an amazing time with Jhon and the Andes. Bobert here. la noche and tired! Well yes' what an amazing last 48 hours. We left yesterday and Tambobachy ruins at a nice low altitude of about 12.5K and went up immediately. Guess the peruvians have not learned about ¨switch backs¨_ ... read more
On top of the World
Amazing spider
Steam from the Storm

South America » Peru » Cusco January 17th 2009

It is already Saturday and I finally get a little time to write a little. Bob and I have been adjusting to the high altitude and getting some rest from the very long trip to get here. We took a nap yesterday afternoon (Friday) and then another nap later before going to our friend´s bar called Indigo to drop off a computer we bought for him to give to his sister. First the flight . . . our favorite part was the flight from Lima to Cusco. The mountains below were incredible! Previous to that the short flight to LAX went very smoothly. We had about four hours to kill so we decided to work up an appetite by walking the entire circumference of the airport while going up and down the stairs at each parking ... read more
Andes from the Airplane
Rainy Afternoon
Friends at the Indigo

North America » United States » California » Santa Cruz January 14th 2009

Bob and I are at it again. As most of you know we are getting on a plane Thursday morning at 9 AM to Peru. Because we used fly miles, we will travel from SFO - LAX - Miami - Lima, and finally landing in Cusco at 9 AM on Friday. Whew! We must really want get out of town . . . We are planning to hike a trail called "Little Cusco". It travels out of Cusco a way, over a 13,800' pass into what is called the Sacred Valley. We are also headed to the southern Peruvian Amazon region called Tambopata. Hopefully we'll see lots of great wildlife and survive the multitude of insects that we expect to encounter. See you in Cusco! Love, Aud and Bob... read more

North America » United States » California » Santa Cruz January 23rd 2008

Dearest support group, It is hard to believe that I am home typing on my own computer. Our house is as if it has been in a time warp because all the holiday stuff from Christmas is still up, magazines in the same place, winter weather, the roof still needs fixing, but I am definitely a different person having spent our month in South America. Sitting here at my table at 4 AM it almost seems that the trip and memories might only be a dream. Bob's and my last few days in Buenos Aires were so much fun. It is as if we finally became oriented. The big city seemed smaller because we knew our way around. We walked miles and miles to be sure we filled our itinerary with those "must sees" from the ... read more
Evita grave marker
Street Tango orchestra
Tortoni's famous waiter

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires January 17th 2008

The transformation process is complete and Boberto y Andrea are now Buenosaireans! - well sort of....... We are doing well in the big city and making the most of it, and all hours too! The pattern here is get up later-late breakfast, then mid-late afternoon lunch-meal, and then the tough one- dinner at anywhere from 8 to 11 in el noche! A few surprises so far and some confirmed "thumbs-up!!" First, I really heard that safety was a big issue here maybe worst than Lima, but we have felt extremely safe so far, very free to walk most areas during the day and we know those areas that we shouldn´t walk in after night. The weather has been wonderfull mid to high 80´s, shorts and short sleeve shirts a must, nice break to warm up that ... read more
Tango Show

South America » Chile » Magallanes » Punta Arenas January 17th 2008

The penguins were really fun. Right now the babies are losing their downy brown feathers steadily being replaced by their adult, black feathers. What I found exciting and cute is when one of the adult bird decides it wants to take a dip in the ocean. The penquin just begins walking down a predetermined path until it reach his goal . . . waddling all the way! It was also funny when there was a group going down or coming back together because there was usually a line leader and if everyone wasn´t keeping up he wouls stop or go back until they were all together again. I am really glad we made the effort to visit this sanctuary. See you soon, Aud... read more
A Penquin family
Going for a swim

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires January 17th 2008

Ok folks, finally a little time for a very brief flashback. Patagonia for us was very special and placed us in a very isolated and beautiful mountain location for 7 whole days, no internet, no phones, no USA Today! So to begin with we had very interesting, to say the least, travel days into and out of the area- won´t get into that now but it´s quite the bus trekking phase. Now the amazing -middle 5 days- were filled with trekking -hiking days either along huge and turquoise colored glacier lakes, or through very lush birch like forests filled with mountain flowers and flowing streams and falls, and yes there were those lovely "up" days- where we got right up in the moraines and the peaks or as they call them " The Horns". For Audie ... read more
Crossing to Glacier Grey
View of Glacier Grey
Beautiful view

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