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27th May 2016

The inner and outer journeys
Beautiful photos and fine descriptions of your outer journey of adventures in Bali. How great that you could escape the tourist madness of Ubud and enter serene nature in the rice paddies! This also sounds like our inner journey of observing and letting go of our mind chatter, the ego's wanting to know and have the answers to the big questions, and entering our still, centered nature that just allows and accepts all. Enjoy following that inner voice!
25th May 2016

Just wanted to say thanks for sharing!
Hi! Just read your blog. You, my dear, have become quite the writer! Thank you for sharing your experiences! I wish you well on your travels, and hope you find what you are seeking.
29th January 2016

Thank you for sharing this tribute to a member of your family...
and for bringing tears to my eyes.
28th January 2016

Good dog Hudson!
What a fine tribute to your beloved Hudson! I love this photo of him exuberantly enjoying life--how fantastic if we all had that capacity! You've brilliantly captured the ways in which saintly pups can unify and bring joy to a family and teach us about being present in each moment. I had an old soul black lab who also passed at thirteen, and I've always hoped that in our next lives, she would be my real daughter. I imagine Jenaii and Hudson are running wild together and bringing love to all they meet. I'm so sorry for your loss.
28th January 2016

Tears do not do him justice
Aubrey, thank you for sharing this wonderful tribute to your family member Hudson. Sadly, we wrote a similar blog in June of 2011. If you have time we hope you will read it. I'm sorry for your loss, words will not comfort you at this time but know that Hudson will always be a part of you and he wants you to be you. So enjoy your travels and know his love was pure. The pets know how to pick the right owners. You've given him a great life and he would never have wanted to be with anyone else. Sending you puppy snuggles.
15th November 2015

Like the cello: beautiful sound, but it's the vibration of the note that we feel.
7th November 2015

The sweetest thing
Thanks for opening up - a really touching blog. I hate goodbyes too especially those that are forever, blessings.
6th November 2015

Thanks for sharing...
your personal reflections.
2nd September 2015

Did someone say "noodles?!"
I laughed, then pondered, then laughed some more! Love you Bug! xoxo
From Blog: I Om'd It
21st August 2015

Ur comments remind me of the times I was in yoga. I need a class that doesn't reguire me to get on my knees. Did you go to Australia to learn yoga from a particular teacher or is it a side benefit? You painted a good picture of the many positions needed for yoga and how difficult to achieve the meditation. Love Aunt Jane
From Blog: I Om'd It
7th August 2015

Beautifully written...
thanks for sharing such deep personal reflections with us.
3rd May 2015

Fantastic pic...definitely a five for me.
From Blog: Soul's Landscape
3rd May 2015

Fantastic pic...definitely a five for me.
From Blog: Soul's Landscape
28th April 2015

Beauty Without and Within
Congrats on finding a reprieve where you could sense your center again. How lovely to walk in a rainforest and on a glacier, to paddle in a peaceful kayak, and to meet like-minded people at each stop. No wonder you could leave your cares behind and gain perspective--you just tasted a slice of heaven! Best wishes on finding more landscapes like this. Who knows, you may have discovered a new you.
From Blog: Soul's Landscape
14th April 2015
Pencarrow Lighthouse

What an incredible blog!
Your prose is poetry, your insights worthy of a wise, open-hearted traveler (can a drama queen really just accept what is?), your Rumi quotes delicious, and your photos fabulous. I'm so glad you were awarded Blogger of the Week, so more of us can now follow the next steps on your adventure. Where will the winds take you?
2nd January 2015

Keep on
Beautiful. Keep writing, do not stop. In the wrestling with the telling comes the second living of life.
29th November 2014

Love you lady
I miss seeing you, but I love reading about your adventure. I hope you are well, it sounds like you're doink ok. Know that I love you hundreds of miles away!
30th September 2014

my dearest baby, it has been a long, long time. but your words on this journey have resonated with me in so many ways, as has your searching and communing with Rumi. it is wonderful work to own the shame, sorrow, resent, etc- it is only then that you can find access to your soul in greater depths. i am so proud and moved that you are in this process and wanted you to know that! I try to read "the guest house" by rumi, daily... to remind myself that it i have to live it all in order to keep becoming. stay strong on your quest, you have such greatness in you. love ya, steph
30th September 2014

Aubrey, I knew your parents many years ago. They were just enough older than me to be high school counselors when I was in high school. I remember when you and your brother were born and how deeply they loved you guys. You were truly blessed with wonderful parents. When I got the news that your dad had passed away I was devastated and I was so sad for your mom. I knew she loved him dearly. Yes, your dad had an amazing faith and I know he loves being in the presence of God but Aubrey, he truly, truly loved you and your brother. When he crossed into heaven I think it must have been both wonderful and heartbreaking but I don't know what that experience is like. My dad that I loved so deeply passed into heaven 12 years ago and it was incredibly hard. I was angry for awhile because I felt like he gave up and didn't fight the cancer hard enough. But, I understand now. The disappointment and deep sorrow have been replaced with the will and passion to continue his dreams. I do things that I know would mean a lot to him and that keeps him closer. This year I plan to put all of his sermons on CD's so they can be shared. I always loved your dad's music, especially "China Doll." He had a wonderful ministry. Kip would want you to live your life to the fullest. I just wrote part of my story and it will be published next week. You are a gifted writer... maybe you should write your story. China Doll might be a good title :)
24th August 2014

so cool
I hope you have a great time and find what you hope to
24th August 2014

Welcome to Auckland!
Hope you have an amazing year down here :-)
9th August 2012

I wish I could have helped you.
Dear Aubrey, I was touched by sadness when reading these lines which are your experience with the land that I love most namely Quy Nhon city. I'm not sure if the bad experience with the minibus had destroyed your eagerness of discovering a beautiful land like Quy nhon city.. If there were any second chance for you to come back to this city, I would be very happy to show you what you had missed on your first trip. I can be contacted at Thanks. Yen
13th April 2012

...i have similar issues...
but i think it okay, or normal to feel so. i think sometime it more about the journey than the goal/destination. the same would work for passion, it about trying/learning new things and eventually finding something that is sorta acceptable. it's like every coin have two faces to it, if we can see one side then most likely there's another side that one is missing. just have an enjoyable journey and great experience, eventually you will see the light at the end of the tunnel or get to a point where you can look back and just kinda chuckle at yourself.
19th March 2012

Well written and nice pictures!
France is an awesome place to go, and one of the best holiday destination. Its great that your traveling the entire of France.
28th February 2012

Hallo, wie geht es dir? Sind sie Gef├╝hl besser? Just asking how you are doing and if you are feeling better. I am very envious of your travels, yet, excited that you doing something that you are thoroughly enjoying. Pictures and travel descriptors are great. Take care. Auf Wiedersehen!

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