Apala Anirudha


Apala Anirudha

Asia » India » Jammu & Kashmir » Srinagar March 26th 2013

Hello readers!! There have been several alterations in my life and things around me since the last post. Like new job, new house and illness in the family. However, the entire credit of this go-slow goes to my laziness! :P What leads me back to writing (other than this creepy morning solitude) is the photos that Bhagesh Lokhande (the guardian angel to whom you would be introduced later) recently shared. And not to forget the constant reminders by Tejas, Anirudha and Leenali (she will be going to Darjeeling for a Himalayan trek soon!!) So where were we? Yes, Banti from Srinagar at the Titanic Point and his philosophy that made us ruminate over our own lives…. Now we were treading the bends of Kashmir Valley with the hope of finally reaching Srinagar – ‘the City (Nagar) ... read more

Asia » India » Jammu & Kashmir » Srinagar November 28th 2012

Gar Firdaus, Ruhe Zamin Ast, Hamin Asto, Hamin Asto, Hamin Asto……….. And I could not refrain myself from repeating these exclamations by the Emperor Jahangir! At the ‘Ramban Regency’ we slept tight on a cozy bed only to wake up to a wonderful morning the next day. The far reaching mountain ranges which seemed terrifying at night were oozing plethora of natural splendor in the early morning. It was cloudy and misty and beautiful everywhere. The lush green foliage enveloping the surrounding uplands and the juvenile rays of the rising sun left us absolutely spell bounded! And not to forget the river we saw the previous night. It was the Chenab! As me and Anirudha went to the terrace to click pics, we saw Tejalee having fun on the banks of the Chenab. Following their lead ... read more

Asia » India » Jammu & Kashmir » Srinagar November 27th 2012

I am surprised how it slipped off my mind yesterday, but I gotta tell you this. Though not very intriguing from your point of view dear readers, it saved us a lot of uncertainty and one whole day (or more, you never know) in Jammu. On the second night of our train travel when Anirudha had retired on the middle birth, he kept his glasses right next to his pillow towards the window. And yes, they jumped off the seat, out of the window, on the platform, under the train (so I guessed). It was dark outside and there was no point hoping to get those glasses back. But to our surprise, the train halted. It was the Jalandhar station. Tejas ran out of the bogie as I and Lee were half asleep and half confused ... read more

Asia » India » Jammu & Kashmir » Jammu City November 24th 2012

Anirudha and Tejas had already deposited the bikes at the Bandra Terminus. Having anticipated the meager opportunity of bathing in Ladakh, we showered to the heart’s content, put on the cleanest clothes, handed over the house keys to the neighbor and gathering our bags climbed down the stairs with mixed feelings. Excitement, dilemma, unease, recklessness and sense of adventure, everything had grasped our tiny minds when we were marching towards Bandra. The first thing that we did when we met our fellow riders at the train station was to mentally inspect their luggage and resolve if that would fit on the bike and if ours was heavier and/or heftier than theirs. Ours definitely was! Anyways, we treated our tummies under the pretex of passing the time until the train arrives and then with an air of ... read more

Asia » India » Jammu & Kashmir » Ladakh November 22nd 2012

Don’t really remember when we finally agreed, enough of dreaming and talking and planning, it was the time for action now! Not that many people don’t do it. But most of the crowd around us called us insane. (Some of them still do :p) But we were determined this time. After my TTF (Travel & Tourism Fair) in February 2012 when we gathered many pamphlets, booklets, maps and tourist guides on Jammu & Kashmir and Leh & Ladakh, we (me, Anirudha, Tejas and Lee) made a rough outline of our route to Ladakh and tried to estimate the time it would take. We were over ambitious at that time which we later realized! A lot of reading on Ladakh and several meetings & discussions finally lead us to this plan. We will go to Jammu by ... read more

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