buscamos aventuras


buscamos aventuras

Somos dos jovenes en una aventura en Sur America, comenzamos en Ecuador en el 25 de agosto. We are two young people on an adventure in South America, we are beginning in Ecuador on the 25th of August.
Here's to taking chances and the freedom to fail.
Here's the faith that I won't.

North America June 18th 2009

FAQs General Information About Ecuador • 11.2% unemployment • 47% underemployment • More than 45% of children under the age of five are malnourished • Infant mortility: 30 out of every 1.000 births • From 1990 to 1999, the average educational obtainment was between sixth and seventh grade • Only 12% of the children that are located in the poorest fifth of the population finish basic education and a quarter of this population abandons school for the sole purpose to look for work • 25% of children from the poorest sector never enter in school • 45% of the Ecuadorian population lives below the poverty line Does CENIT also help working boys? CENIT realizes that girls are part of a larger social structure comprised of both male and female citizens, and that a girl's family is ... read more

North America » United States » New York June 18th 2009

Background on CENIT CENIT, El Centro de la Niña Trabajadora, or the Center for the Working Girl as it is known in English, is a non-governmental, non-profit organization devoted to helping working children, and especially working girls, and their families overcome grinding poverty and improve their quality of lives through education and job training, nutrition programs, health and social services, psychological help, and recreation. CENIT welcomes people from all religions or creeds and offers educational, psychological, and medical programs, as well as job training, to working children and their families. Its hope is that with these services, the children and their families might improve their quality of life. CENIT complies with all the requirements of Ecuadorian law with regards to charities and is registered with the Ministry of Social Health. CENIT is situated in the south ... read more

North America » United States » New York » Buffalo June 10th 2009

You know you are a traveller when: you spell traveller with two l’s. (Every other English speaker in the world uses the British spelling.) you know what a “gap year” is. (Year between uni (university) and career in Britain, Australia and New Zealand.) you smile silly to strangers back home and want to know where they come from you rehearse what to say before going into the post office at home, then realize that they speak English there you actually don’t mind Nescafe coffee anymore your friends email, and the opening line is, “Where are you now?” you are home from Mexico long enough to remember you can put the toilet paper in the toilet…and then you go to Asia… going into a McDonalds means a clean bathroom and a sit-down toilet you carry toilet paper ... read more

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