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Monday We had an early start this morning. After visiting Natalie briefly yesterday afternoon to raid her wood pile and then collecting our tent from keely's dad and having a practice set up in the garden we were ready to go. Keely, Natalie, erin and I all piled into the car with our stuff. The drive was around 13 hours. Vaguely concerned about such a long drive I took a travel sickness pill which after warning me 'may cause drowsiness' promptly knocked me out for the entire trip (note to self: never take travel sickness pills again!) I just about managed to stay awake for the first five minutes and paid my contribution for 'gas' before setting off. I briefly woke as we stopped at a McDonalds for breakfast and I sat stupified staring at the ... read more
Redwood Trees
Californian Beach

North America » United States » California July 29th 2007

We packed our bags for the weekend and set off for Julian, an old gold rush town 50 miles north east of San Diego. The entire township of Julian is a Designated Historical District. Founded by displaced confederate soldiers looking for unsettled land the town was named after Mike Julian, one of the first settlers in the area and many of the buildings date back to the post-Civil War period. In 1869, gold was discovered, and by 1934, the region had produced up to $5 million worth of the precious metal. Later the town's residents took advantage of the rich local soil to produce many different crops, and foremost among those was apples. Apparently it is the apples Julian is now famous for. Unique among Southern California communities for its cold-winter climates, Julian is ideal for ... read more
Views of Julian
Horse Riding
Grooming Trigger

Keely and I spent the day at Universal Studios in Hollywood. I got my only real view of Los Angeles as we drove past. I tried to get a photograph of the skyscrapers as we went by but couldn't get a good view from my seat. So I took off my belt, dove onto the back seat and managed to get the photo just as the road moved downwards and took them out of sight. I scramble back into my seat just as Keely calmly informed me that it was illegal to climb around the car while it was moving and a police car had just driven near us. I sat quietly and hoped the police hadn't notice the crazy foreign girl wielding the camera while her legs waved madly in the air beside the driver's ... read more
View of Los Angeles
Universal Studios Sign
Me at Universal Studios

North America » United States » California July 26th 2007

Well yesterday I had the unusual experience of moving house while on holiday. Keely was moving out of her old apartment and into her new cottage and due to a change in plans the moving date coincided with my visit. We spent the morning shifting her belongings and then went out for lunch. Lunch proved to be an interesting event. We went to a sandwich bar and as I wasn't feeling particularly hungry I tried to order a cheese sandwich. However the simple cheese sandwich turned out to be something my american friends had never heard of. The waiter looked confused and asked if I meant a grilled cheese sandwich. When I said no he asked if that meant I only wanted the bread grilled, or I only wanted the cheese grilled. I tried to describe ... read more
On the beach
Me on the beach
View of the beach

North America » United States » California » San Diego July 24th 2007

I had an early start this morning and went with Keely to meet her babysitting charges and help get them ready for their day summer camp. It was fun to meet the kids and they showed my all over the house and garden and then ate their breakfast while bombarding me with questions about England: 'What's the best thing about living in England? What's your oldest building? Do you have fairies in England? Do kids watch Spogebob Squarepants? Do you think the Queen would like bagels for breakfast?' We finally got them away from the breakfast table, bundled into clothes and then into the car. We dropped them off at their camp and then set off for our own day trip to SeaWorld. We went to the train station and bought our tickets. When the train ... read more
Me and a starfish

North America » United States » California July 23rd 2007

I woke up fairly early this morning which was very surprising. Keely took me to San Juan Capistrano where we were planning to visit the mission. It was nice to finally be alone together to catch up on news... not that we really needed to after all the epic emails we sent each other over the past year! We stopped off at Trader Joes, an organic supermarket, and bought some food. San Juan Capistrano was lovely. The historical area was home to the mission we visited as well as an old church and some 19th century houses. The mission was founded in 1776 by Father Junipero Serra and was the seventh of 21 Spanish missions built in California. We walked around the inner courtyards which were full of flowers and very beautiful. In the courtyard was ... read more
Mission pathway
Through the archway
Me and a big cactus

North America » United States » California July 22nd 2007

I am now in California. The flight was, predictably, long, boring and uncomfortable as flights generally are. I arrived in LA and had fun and games getting through customs. The airport staff in America seem to regard everyone as a potential terrorist or something and were decidedly unfriendly. In addition to showing my passport I had my photograph taken and my fingerprints scanned, and then instead of finally being free to enter the country I had to join a massive queue... all for the sake of showing my passport to someone else (who made me repeat everything I said twice and looked very suspicious when I gave him the address where I was staying because I didn't know the exact house number) After assuring him a few times that I had a friend waiting outside for ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Kent June 24th 2007

Well we set off for home this morning. On the way we visited Chartwell, the family home of Winston Churchill from 1922 until his death in 1965. The weather was gloomy again but we managed to walk through the gardens to the house before the rain started. We explored the house - most of the rooms were kept decorated as Winston's wife Clementine had arranged and the house still had a very homey feel. It was quite busy and at times we had to walk along behind a queue of other visitors. The house was bought by Churchill for his family and he worked with the architect Philip Tilden to renovate and redesign the house and gardens. We eventually left the house to explore the gardens. We visited Churchill's art studio where some 500 of his ... read more
Chartwell House
Walled Garden
Sweet Pea

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Wiltshire June 23rd 2007

Well I am off to the States soon, but I thought I would kick start my blog with my weekend away, and hopefully get the hang of using this site! The plan was to visit Stonehenge and Avebury today, spend the night with my aunt and travel back on Sunday morning. We woke up to a torrential downpour, but not one to be put off by a bit of good old soggy British weather I insisted we stick to the plan... after all we had three hours in the car ahead of us and the sun might well have put in an appearance by then! I was almost right. We arrived at Stonehenge to find it overcast but thankfully dry. I was somewhat surprised by Stonehenge. I knew it was on a road, but I had ... read more
Me and dad
Silsbury Hill

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