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25th October 2016

Such beauty!
So glad your visit has been so magical! Time to come home now and tell me about it in person. I miss y'all!!
14th October 2016

Hi Ann and John, this sounds and looks like an amazing trip. I just wish we were there to enjoy it with you. I actually got to see a sheep shearing demonstration on my trip to New Zealand and I was astounded by the skill and expertise of the people involved, especially since all the sheep came out of the ordeal safely. Keep sending your blog and photos, we are enjoying every minute. Be safe, Betty.
12th October 2016

New Zealand
Spectacular viewing for you! Our view's not too shabby, at least for 1 more day-then back to city. Enjoy, love you all!
12th October 2016

What an incredible place! The photos are gorgeous and your narrative made me feel like I was there with you! Love to you snd John!
12th October 2016

Amazing photos
Hi Guys, I so wish I was there with you. It all looks nothing short of stunning! We've just had 2 days of heavy rain this end so it does now feel that our summer is over. The wood burner helped keep us snug last night. Love to all, Stephen X
6th October 2016

Thinking of you!
John and Ann, what a wonderful time you are having with your family! Thanks for sharing your photos and comments with us. I know it must be so special, exciting, fun, memorable, loving, and much more. We are so happy for you. Wish we could be there. I can't believe how big Lola and Luca are. I saw them when they visited the states and they were babies then. Time flies. Enjoy every moment. Sandy and I send our love to you and all your family. Chip
From Blog: Family Time
23rd September 2012

Hi Ann and John! Thanks for sharing your journey with us, it really brings the beauty of NZ on more personal level. Love, Teresa
2nd September 2012

Hi Ann, John---this is wonderful!!! What a outstanding experience for you!! The country is so beautiful--so much to see and do. We miss you Ann at coffee but glad for your adventure. See you soon!! Carol

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