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9th October 2012

what a time you have had
John and Ann what a great time you have both had it has been great following you both on your adventure. The photos you have shared with us all has realy brought your experience home,we look forward to your next blog with more photos please.
8th October 2012

Until You Meet Again!
Oh I can only imagine how heavy your hearts must be to leave this paradise! But you'll return... and be welcomed home. We look forward to your return to Richmond!
8th October 2012

We need more "Goodie" moments in our lives. I love you guys and both Morgan and I are very excited to cook you a great meal and hear all the amazing stories.
8th October 2012

Jessica Waugh is my bff and shared your blog with me as...
my husband's job will entail he and I and our youngest daughter ( 17 yo ) to live in Tekapo from Nov. 27th - April 2nd! ooooh-weee! Kallie (daughter) and I can hardly wait for the adventure of a lifetime. Unfortunately John will be working 24/7, but still an experience. Our 2 older children ( Jack - at U of R, and Leah - at JMU ) will be able to spend their Christmas breaks with us. Upon telling Jessica the news she immediately forwarded your info/blog to us. So, thank you for the beautiful pictures which has only wetted our appetites further! Safe travels home. Lynn
29th September 2012

Thanks again for your wonderful photographs and running commentaries,the glaciers remind us of our trip to Alaska which we thoroughly enjoyed.Remember us to all, looking forward to the nextpart of your visit.Love sylvia @ les.
26th September 2012

Simply Amazing
Yet more amazing pictures and you are both looking more relaxed as each week passes. Clearly the wonders and pace of life that NZ offers suits you perfectly! Your blog from this trip has been such fun to read and to share your adventure with you - thank you! If time, please add a few more photos of Philip & his family so I can see if he's ageing as fast as I am.
26th September 2012

This place has it all.
What an amazing journey you two are having NZ is such a special place and your photos are capturing your time out there perfectly. Are you adding up the miles you have traveled it would be interesting to see what the final count is.
25th September 2012

Im so jealous guys. Looks amazing. One day. Love you all!!!
25th September 2012

Loving in the pictures and the story.... rich
23rd September 2012

Hi Ann and John! Thanks for sharing your journey with us, it really brings the beauty of NZ on more personal level. Love, Teresa
20th September 2012

Oh thank you so much for sharing these fabulous photos! I feel such a tug in my heart and such a longing to visit that beautiful country again. I know ya'll are gathering sticks and stones to bring home for my collection... Much love, Jessica
20th September 2012

We have enjoyed following your adventures and time spent with family and friends. Travel safe abroad! and thanks for sharing .... Rich & Celeste
20th September 2012

You take a good picture.
Hi John and Ann you realy are getting around and seeing so much as we are with your great photos, looks like philip turns after his dad with the football i can remember sitting in the back of a van on a could sunday morning watching my uncle John play i think you rated yourself as a centre forward? The photos of wind vane - nelson lakes are as you say stunning.
18th September 2012

What a country!
Yet again you have published another set of wonderful photos capturing both people and landscapes in full glory. I especially love to see current photos of my dear old brother (technically slightly younger) and his lovely partner and of course Luca and Lola. Enjoy the rest of your trip and your time together.
18th September 2012

Enjoying your blog! Keep on having fun!
17th September 2012

Great Photos
Hi Ann a great right up and great photos looks like you are all having a wonderfull time despite some wet weather very english? We look forward to seeing more of NZ and of the family photos.
13th September 2012

Thank you so much for keeping us all with you on your journey! You are missed (yes, John, you too). I can practically hear the surf and smell the NZ air while reading Ann's words. Keep posting and stay safe. My best to Melissa, Philip, Lola and Luca!
12th September 2012

I want to be a "FIT TRAMPER" and experience this beautiful place, too. Of course part of the great experience is the lovely family! The wedding day is only 2 days off now-pretty exciting! Marge is doing well and has received your postcards. Will copy some of your photos for her after the event. Love to all. Mary Lou and Ken
12th September 2012

What a wonderful trip!
John and Ann, So happy to see that you are having such a wonderful time. The picture of Lola with the rainbow is priceless, which I'm certain helped to make the bountiful rain more tolerable. Please keep the stories of your endeavour and images with smiling faces coming in! Your decidedly unfit tramper :) Todd
2nd September 2012

What a wonderful blog
Here in England we are all really enjoying reading about your wonderful trip and especially loving the up-to-date photos of your adventure. It makes me want to, more than ever, get over there and visit myself ASAP! Love to everyone from us in Sheringham. And we've our fingers and toes crossed for your weekend away to be dry and sunny! Love, S, C, G & I x x
2nd September 2012

Hi Ann, John---this is wonderful!!! What a outstanding experience for you!! The country is so beautiful--so much to see and do. We miss you Ann at coffee but glad for your adventure. See you soon!! Carol
1st September 2012

Too Hot in Va.
Looks like you are getting around, and enjoying the grand children, they look a lot of fun. The weather here is so hot, you are not missing that Iam sure. Peter and I are doing inside jobs, but I will be going to the beach in September, hope the weather cools. the beaches in New Zealand look wonderful, makes you wonder what we are all doing in this part of the world. Will keep in touch . Linda and Peter.
1st September 2012

hey fam
Hey guys love the blog great pics miss all of you wish I was there tell all hey for me love ya
27th August 2012

Ooooh! Am I getting more sticks??? Looks like you have oodles to choose from. And looking at John's coffee is sending me across the street to Einstein's for some hazelnut cream. Sigh -- not nearly as good as what you're having, I'm sure. Love to all!!
27th August 2012

Blog Exchange: Home Schoolers actively seeking NZ Geography/History/Politics
Thank you for sharing your blog. We are currently using your site as a homeschooling opportunity. It's a nice break from preparing for our travels to Eire in late September and early October. If you have any books pertaining to the history or -story of NZ (7 yrs - 13+ yrs; caution: our oldest reads on a college level so bring it on; we can always save your book idea for a readaloud!). We especially enjoyed looking at the Southern Hemisphere and the Southern Cross when we visited El Nido, Palawan, Phillipines Winter 2012! That was a big hit for the entire family to view 'our heavens' from a different vantage point. Carpe Diem! Send any Night Skies you have and climate research (only if able and comfortable doing so) for our Nature Notebooks a la Charlotte Mason (Ambleside Online). Thanks for sharing. Our nature loving tomgirls get a kick out of 'knowing someone for real in NZ'! the dulog crew (E,S and L included)
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