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6th September 2010

nice pics
nice pics that you have there..i hope you come to malaysia again :)
2nd August 2010

That place sounds like an absolute nightmare - good to hear you moved out and got a decent place though! Enjoy Malaysia
8th July 2010

the best way to move in bkk, is to use mototaxi, cheaper, quickly dodging traffic and quickly get to the destination, bkk you can spend 1 hour to make 2 km stuck in the road, the mototaxi do not stop at stores to get tickets for gasoline and you can enjoy your time without being two hours visiting shops and holding vendors trying to sell suits o jewelry, greets
8th July 2010
Grounds of the Grand Palace

Haha, might want to pop into one of those clothing shops ;]
6th July 2010
Train entering China

Great Photo Daz, looks awesome.
28th June 2010

Hello, I hope you really had a great time in Budapest, and you will come back to this beautiful city soon (summer is the best time for a vacation ;)). Best wishes, zsobig
25th June 2010
Camp at sunset

Nice work on the photo.
25th June 2010

Great Photos Daz, looks like you're seeing alot of awesome places. Hope the camera stays alive for the rest of the trip, keep it up.
17th June 2010

Largest Lenin head in the world? ... you're getting to see some pretty special things out there Dazz.
17th June 2010

Hi Darren, I am not aware of the "custom" thing where when taking taxi - putting your luggage in the boot can be held for ransom. he he. This is also the 1st time I am hearing, though I am from Mongolia. :) If you have a tourist guide with you then you should not have a problem being outside after midnight. However, obviously not just walking in the dark street with no light - after midnight. Even here in the US, if there is a place with no light - dark - then I will not even think of walking there after midnight too. So, i guess it is only a natural thing for all of us - everywhere around the world. :) Not only are there Korean restaurants, but there are all other sorts of restaurants\fast food\buffet\cafeteria sort in UB you can find. There are 2 places that seem to have high reputations among tourists in Mongolia and those are called: Irish Pub and Ikh Mongol. The latter one translates to: Great Mongol. These both have bands playing good oldies songs whine you enjoy beer with some really good food. I have'nt been to either of these for almost 3 years but this July ( YAY! after 2 weeks :) ) when I go back home for a month to visit friends and family, I will definitely go to both of these places. I also like traveling, though I am here living and working in the US now. So not much chance to travel around the world. But I have already been to few countries. But will definitely continue this after several years. I hope your experience through the Southern Part of Mongolia is great. Before coming to US, I used to work as a tour guide at a tourist company. It was only 5 years ago and I was 16 years old then. At that time, once, I had a chance to take a group of 9 Belgians to southern part of Mongolia. There we have: Dund Gobi and Umnu-Gobi. There are 2 famous rocky-mountain places called: Ikh Gazryn Chuluu and Baga Gazryn Chuluu. You should definitely visit these 2 places. Just two of the natural mysteries. Plus, you can see the "sun falling down on the ground" scene in the southern part. There are not mountains, so when sun sets down it looks as if it is just falling down on the ground. Isnt it amazing? Warm Regads, Amar
3rd June 2010

I dont have any comments re Russia but my wife is Polish and I am from NZ. We had spent 6 years in London and went back to NZ. My advice is to turn around. Unless you are obsessed with the outdoors you wont like whats happened in NZ over the past 7 years. Cant afford a house. Clothes, nz butter and lamb are cheaper in the UK. Electricyt and petrol make cost of living insane. You need a car to get anywahere, and becuase the roads are terrible it takes all day to get anywhere. Worst of all. People have become so clicky and tight with thier money. When we returned we where on two professional wages with no kids and were living from pay check to paycheck with no chance of visitinf Jos parents back in Poland. Also , the feeling of isolation is intense. We returned after 2 years as we could nt stand it any more. All the best for you two. I didnt mean to rain on your parade. There are several Polish associations in NZ that are worth contacting as you will be surprised how many kiwi boys married Poles!!!
14th May 2010

"Well just when we thought the hostel was empty and very quiet about midnight a group of about 18 people from a Metal group turned up. They absolutely turned the place upside down and made so much noise" Gutted - sounds like a bit of a nightmare. You should have got in there and partied.
14th May 2010

Awesome pictures Dazz, looks like a really nice place.
23rd April 2010

Sounds good
Eze looks really nice Dazz, good stuff.
22nd April 2010

Cheers for the comments, actually I should have said but I am actually from NZ just have not lived there for some 7 years or so now (UK). Now we are returning and doing a huge trip, if you can give any advice on Russia (we are going the transiberian through mongolia) or places to visit in China that would be great. So far it is just Bejing. From there we are going to HK and then probably Thailand. ,
18th April 2010

Was there 5 years ago and loved it. Spent most of that on South Is. Depending on time of year, it can get hard to find accommodations without reservations. We found the offical travel offices very helpful with transport and guest house. Have spent 20 years in Asia travel so happy to offer suggestions. I am a new person to this blog but seems a good idea. Good travels.

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