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2nd July 2013
Mont Saint-Michel

Very nice photo
We found your blogs today and have enjoyed them. Wish you'd write again.
From Blog: Paris and Beyond
10th June 2013
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8th October 2008

Oh those Tarts!!!
I was introduced to those custard tarts here in Sydney, where they're simply known as Portuguese Tarts. I'll drive any distance to get them... and I know where the closest bakeries are and when they come out of the oven! Sounds obsessive, I know... but once you've tasted them.... ohh! And you've had REAL ones! I'm jealous!!
5th October 2008

Now I want to go...
Hey guys...great to see you are still having an amazing trip!!! Your blog really makes me want to go to Portugal...looks amazing! When you get your dream house can I come and visit...looks like a cool place to live...probably fun like a maze inside. The bones are pretty wild to see...we saw a church like that in Prague. Hope all is well.
25th August 2008

do you think it's just a coincidence that just as you walked out of your hotel the holy protector of the mentally ill people went by? I dont buy it!
24th June 2008

Looks Human!!!
Wow that is a crazy experience and I can't believe that you took it to the police...good for you!!! Good to know your skills are still hard at work. That fountain is pretty out holding back eh. Anyway your photos and blogs are great...I'm loving following your adventure and wishing I was still on my adventure. Stay safe.
26th May 2008

greeting from norway
Wow..what a trip...I am jealous :) When are you coming to Norway..haha. Enjoy the rest of your trip!
23rd April 2008

Wow - amazing pics!!!
18th April 2008

See both of you in a couple of pics so some 'baksheesh' must have crossed hands. Egypt looks great, so much to see, so much history. Keep us all up to speed on Christine and Andy's great adventures. See lots, have fun, travel safe.
16th April 2008

Hi guys, thanks for a great blog and some big tips before we touch down. Well done.
12th April 2008

you dirty hippies
I ran into Deanna at this tiny sushi place downtown and she told me you two were ripping up the Asian countryside. We'll catch up more at the wedding, since I just got my invitation in the mail two days ago! Be sure to search for Neil Young fans in Dubai; I hear he's huge over there.
11th April 2008

What a surprise
Chez Andy has a beer garden? I'm shocked.
3rd April 2008

Your pictures of the Taj Mahal are amazing, hope those blisters from the camel safari have healed!
25th March 2008

i love the rats. what a cool animal to worship just one question though, do the rats drink dite cock?
24th March 2008

Wow... You guys are gonna be the kings of haggling and assessing the cons from the good guys after all this! Can't wait to read about Egypt!
9th March 2008

Hi guys! Sounds like your having an awesome time touring around the different temples. Your pictures are amazing. Keep up the good work.
5th March 2008

hey suckas next time you come to tassie you gotta cook us some spring rolls and thai food- andy looks way too at home there! your blog is the best way to procrastinate when i'm supposed to be doing school, keep it up
19th February 2008

You're making me very hungry with all this food talk!! Yum! As always, am loving the pics and the stories :) xo
12th February 2008

I feel like I'm living the Amazing Race through your blog! Thanks for the updates ... I'm really enjoying reading about your adventures. Take care! Lisa
10th February 2008

Wow... after the tidiness of Singapore, I can so imagine that Bangkok chaos would be very overwhelming. Good training ground for India though, no doubt! Great stories :)
4th February 2008

hair clit
that sign rules, seriously rules!!!!! miss you guys alot, wish i was there getting a hair clit and ear washing!!!!!
4th February 2008

Ah yes the King
I had forgotten about movies in Thailand. We were in Chaing Mai when we went to a movie and were quite surprised by the anthem and all the pictures of the king doing his good deeds. They really do love their king! Great blog guys. I am having so much fun following them. Hope India is going well for you. Sarah
24th January 2008

I'm so jealous you jerks!!
That's awesome that you guys are travelling all over. Jen and Nick just left to go back to Sydney, heard the story of the Scottish dancing but am sooooo happy to see the picture. There's a chance I might be in London in July - so we may be able to meet up then I hear. Take care y'all. D
From Blog: Bula Fiji!
24th January 2008

Wow, great entry!! I love reading your updates - nice to hear that you're getting some South East Asian Country madness and glad to hear the food is excellent too!
19th January 2008

KL sounds like an interesting place, so colourful, active, and exciting. Another great read, enjoy yourselves and stay safe.

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