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29th December 2012

Great catching up Christmas day. Ma and Pa got the IPad. First thing Ma did was take a photo up Pa's shorts. Lucky the boys were in their barracks! Great gift in theory but given ma still holds castor oil in the first aid kit, we will see how they grasp the 21st century in practice. Happy New Year.
28th December 2012

Hi Jane, Dean and Eleanor, Wishing you a belated Merry Christmas but a very happy new year! We'll miss you this year. Not actually sure what we are doing, I'm thinking of boycotting and staying home with Harry Anyway Koh Lanta sounds great and its good to hear that Nornor is back in the swim. Looking forward to the next blog. Jeannine
24th December 2012

Seasons Greetings
Have a merry christmas and a safe new year. Hope Eleanor's foot is on the mend. Love Mum & Rob
From Blog: Kanchanaburi
21st December 2012

20th December 2012

chiang Rai
wow what an interesting and slightly bizarre temple!; Glad you made it down the mountain safely; loving the photos Jane
From Blog: Chang Rai
19th December 2012

Hi guys, Dean can you please check your emails ASAP as it is very important. Obe
18th December 2012

Thanks for your blogs. It's wonderful hearing all about your adventures. Christmas will certainly be different for you this year, enjoy the experience. We are fine and will be spending Christmas Day with Matt and his family. Keep safe, love Jenny and Russell
16th December 2012

Great post!
Ha, ha... keep it going. Didn't know Chiang Rai had so many turtles so far inland!
15th December 2012

How was Laos? Did you spend any time there?
14th December 2012

love it!!
13th December 2012

AA turtle in a palm tree....
Your drunk, right? Looking forward to the rest!
7th December 2012

hi jane, what amazing sights, sounds and taste's you are experiencing, cant wait to here about your adventures in laos
6th December 2012

Happy Trails
Thanks heaps for letting me join your Asian trip. The moment I left Tullamarine Airport building, I was accosted by security fences and a guard told me how to walk, when to walk and where to walk. Nearly jumped on the first plane back to Cambodia. Highly recommend this country to anyone. I had a great time. Missing Eleanor's sing a longs. Happy trails!
From Blog: Kep
4th December 2012

Luke Nguyen
Hi guys, hope you are enjoying Cambodia. On thursday night (6th Dec.)Luke Nguyen (SBS)is cooking in Kampot and Kep. I will record it so you can watch it when you return! In Kep try the crab in Kampot pepper and also my all time fave- prawns with spices and lemongrass from Kimly restuarant. We received a postcard from China and a Christmas card from Vietnam-both today. This means that the Vietnamese postal service is faster than the Chinese one! By the way, are you heading over to Phu Quoc. Keep the stories coming as they are great reading and now that I have finished reports I have time on my hands! Obe
3rd December 2012

Where are you?
Hey! Where are you?? I'm missing you're adventure updates, gotta have a life some how! Hope all is good and Cambodia and Siem Reap have been great. Looking forward to your next blog. Neans
29th November 2012

Missing you
All sounds amazing... What a great experience. Eleanor we r missing you but love seeing your photos and hearing about all your adventures. We will try to organise a Skype time soon. Not sure how but we will try... Thanks for calling the other night. Lucy. Ps it was 39 today and I am now the owner of a new dog called Maddie. Pug cross staffie. Cute......
25th November 2012

A bit like a kiwi fruit?
All hairy on the outside and all mushy on the inside, I would imagine, a bit like eating an unpeeled kiwi fruit but wrigglier. Stay on the top of that list, Janey. I appreciate you working hard to beat the others. X
From Blog: Phnom Penh
23rd November 2012

sights & sounds .. & smells
great to hear all about Saigon Jane its a place I've always wanted to go. Great photos and wonderful descriptions;
From Blog: Mekong Delta
22nd November 2012

Adventures Aplenty!!
Wow - Team Andrew, your adventures are exciting and so interesting to read!! Lucky little Jaguar! I'm sure there are times when she 'saves the day' and earns her keep.Jane - you sound happy about the daily challenges and I didn't see the word, 'banned' once! I am very envious of the freedom you are enjoying......we want our office COVERED in photos when you return!
From Blog: Hoi An
19th November 2012

Cocktails look yummy; Glad you are still having a wonderful time
From Blog: Hanoi
18th November 2012

Number 1, number 1...
Oh, the joys of a hotel where you can't be asked to buy something and nobody expects you to follow them to a shop, where there are no touts and there is a pool. Reminds me of being in Vietnam where as soon as we stepped out the gates of our hotel in Hoi An (which we loved), we would be beseiged by laundry ladies, all with luminous and sparkly business cards. Once past them, then the cyclo drivers would appear - we particularly liked 007 and he would consistently drop us off at a friend's restaurant rather than the one we had asked for. Nothing like a bit of nepotism. By the way, your progeny has your body language - hysterical. x
From Blog: Hue
17th November 2012

happy momories
The train to Hue is great fun. Looking forward to the next blog. Harry cant wait to see NorNor again!
9th November 2012

'happy memory' photo pose
that's a classic! looking forward to reading the rest of your blogs over the weekend :)
From Blog: Hong Kong
8th November 2012

Hong Kong
Great Photos Jane; glad the weathers getting better for all, looking forward to hearing and seeing more of HK x
From Blog: Hong Kong
7th November 2012

Fish Tails
Imagine the poor little fishes chewing the skin off the Worm's little piggies, not sure which food group that would come under but I reckon not in the first five.
From Blog: Yangshuo

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