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22nd January 2014

Note to self
So, here's what we have learnt. NEVER EVER go on a hike with Dean and/or Obie as the leaders.
22nd January 2014

Yes Tracy, that was definitely one of the lessons.
22nd January 2014

What an experience Jane; ! - Saying that I havn't stopped laughing and thanking my lucky stars i had work last week or we might have ended up doing "the walk of doom" aswell.. Poor you (Did you see any crazy men in kilts blowing bagpipes, think Id be more worried about bumping into them!)
22nd January 2014

Bagpipes in the forest
I would have kissed every one of them if they had appeared out of nowhere.
26th March 2013

Small world
although now living in perth I grew up in Gippsland and my mum in Neerim.... I was surprised to see it in a blog title lol! Glad you had a good time though, I must visit back there some time but haven't been there in probably 10 years... I hear there are quite a few little tourist towns along the princess hwy there now.
27th March 2013

Not too many tourists in Neerim
The area around there is fantastic and we have spent many weekends around Neerim and Noojee over the last few years. It's close enough to Melbourne to be worth the trip and far away to provide some clear country air. You definitely should make a trip.
23rd March 2013

Labour Day Weekend thanks to the Stonemasons
Jane as always a fabulous weekend was had by all due to the fabulous company. Thanks for the documenting. I love it. I especially giggled at the probability of the children never being able to learn braille.
24th March 2013

Braille lessons
One of Dean's observations!
22nd March 2013

Labor Day extravaganza
Good to have you back!
22nd March 2013

I've never heard of it, or Neerim for that matter! Must look it up... Potential Downton Abbey spoiler alert: was that the episode where someone died? I nearly cried too!
22nd March 2013

Downtown in Neerim South
Neerim and the surrounding area are quite lovely. Not as naturally beautiful as Tasmania (as you would know) but would have been prior to logging activities of the late 1800s and early 1900s. But, a great place not too far out of Melbourne for a long weekend. Downton - yes, the episode where Sybil died. Sad times.
26th February 2013
Not much else to do but sit

sitting on a beach...
sounds pretty great to me :)
27th February 2013
Not much else to do but sit

Cambodia's charms
I just re-read the Koh Rong blog and I guess it sounds ok, although my feelings for Cambodia are still a bit mixed. I loved the historical sites (being a history teacher and history fanatic - I couldn't help but almost plan my next trip to Siem Reap!) but the rubbish, the children missing an education to try and sell trinkets and the exploitation of women and children by tourists just clouded my vision, I guess.
6th February 2013

Welcome home!
We hope the adjustment wasn't too rough... We're still working on recovering from the jet lag / hypothermia / culture shock of our return home. You've come up in conversations quite often when people ask us about our travels and whether we met anyone interesting along the way. It was such fun to meet kindred spirits... The Australian us. We send you our best wishes for a smooth transition back into your normal life routines and look forward to crossing paths somewhere on the globe before long!
1st February 2013

Wow, you made it!
Hi Jane, Eleanor and Dean, when's the book coming out?! You must be the Asia experts now. Thanks for all the postcards. Christy and Stella xx P.S. Eleanor - hope your foot is all better, it looked very painful.
26th January 2013

Looking forward to seeing you back home xxxx
From Blog: Kuala Lumpur
24th January 2013

Great driving experience in Taiping
Got your postcard. We went to Melbourne for Christmas and the Boxing Day Test. Amused to hear your driving experiences. Sounds like us in Canada. The worst is when you come to a roundabout and you have to turn the opposite way. Glad to hear that Eleanor has recovered from her fall. Not long to go before you return.All our love Rosie and Dad.xxxxoooo
From Blog: Ipoh via Taiping
24th January 2013

All good things must......
must be looking forward to coming back on Australia Day with it's plethora of Union Jacks and "For we are we are young and free". Whoever sings this really needs to check out the rock art at Kakadu. Nasi Lemak at the MCG? Wish! Your flight home will be like a Dilip Doshi fielding effort, a reluctant return.
18th January 2013

Dim sum
ahh...nice, that´s not far from our hotel :) Have to check it out!
From Blog: Penang
17th January 2013

Dim Sum place
Where was this? We are down for some fantastic dim sum :)
From Blog: Penang
18th January 2013

Best dim sum
Aik Hoe - a really non-descript place on Carnavon street. We stumbled upon it but when I googled it just now to find the address it is highly rated by a few bloggers. Cheap and cheery.
From Blog: Penang
16th January 2013

Can you see the finish line yet?
From Blog: Langkawi
16th January 2013

The finish line
Just like WW2 in Japan, it is not discussed.
From Blog: Langkawi
5th January 2013

happy new year!
Happy new year to you all, .. looks like you had very enjoyable christmas festivities this year; laughing alot about the crabs jane, i idnt know you have a fear/and or hatred of these little creatures; hope dean manages to get some new footwear! Nicky
From Blog: Koh Ngai
31st December 2012

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
Hi Jane, Dean and Eleanor, Thanks for your cards. We particularly like the one from Vietnam. Sorry to hear about Eleanor's accident. I hope that she is off her crutches very soon. We are looking forward to catching up with you when you finally return. Ian and I have tried a couple of ways to contact to wish you well for the rest of your exciting holiday. Now I am on holiday I have more time to read and respond to your blog entries. All our love Dad and Rosie xxxooo

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