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11th December 2017

O the tiles on the shrine are gorgeous (not the Kalashnikov one though) ! How excitingly different and how wholesome you must feel after your bar free trip, and Susan looking so chic. Did you encounter dried limes in the cuisines?! Looking forward to trying your version of the Nazdik café salad!
From Blog: Tehran
11th December 2017

Great to read your blog, which brought back many memories of visiting my parents when they lived in Iran in the mid-70s. Sounds like you're having a really interesting time!
From Blog: Tehran
10th December 2017

What a holiday!
Amazing, magnificent, fantastic!!!
From Blog: Tehran
10th December 2017

Your travels
10th December 2017

Thanks Andy
Wonderful and very interesting blog on Tehran . Enjoyed reading it.
From Blog: Tehran
24th February 2017

Lebanon tour
I liked your visit and blog of your trip. Very informative and am glad you know now the history about this region better. I noticed your other trips, will go and explore them. I found your blog while I was looking for column making, Baalbek etc. I want to make a mini six column Baalbek looking in our front. Enjoy your next adventures...
29th March 2008

Welcome back to sunny bilghty
Have really really enjoyed reading about your travels, thank you for sharing them and a very warm, or rather cold and wet, welcome back!
13th February 2008

Tremendous pictures of the icefield. Bit of a change from Central London
15th December 2007

This all looks fabulous - great travel blog and photos. Will you come back?!
2nd December 2007

Home from Home
Love reading your bloggs. If there is one thing I've noted you both love to eat and drink with a little bit of local culture and sight seeing! Look forward to the next installment. Take care and enjoy the drink and lazy lunches Debbie
18th November 2007

. . . . from envious of London Bridge
Great blog. Keep it coming and those of us in the dim dark UK winter can imagine the clear fresh air in the Argentine. I imagine those excellent Spanish skills are getting better.
15th November 2007

Beer, wine, football and steak
see things are pretty much as expected then! Dead jealous, more piccies of the 2 of you requested.. love C

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