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Russia. Siberia. Altai.

Europe » Russia » Siberia » Altai Republic March 4th 2010

This place is really hard to get to one, that's why it's unique. After 5-7 km of mounting hiking you will get to the marvelous seven-lakes valley framed with circus of the Iolgo ridge. Karakolsky Lakes have a glacier-tectonic origin. The lowest lake is situated at 1800 m above sea level, the highest one is at almost 2100 m, and it is considered to be healing... The higher the lakes are, the smaller and colder they get. The length o f the biggest lake is 440 m, and width is 350 m. Cold and pure streams are connecting all the lakes, giving the Sun no chances to warm the water up. There are just few types of water plants and no fish at all. The best View point is the snowy top of the mountain circus. ... read more
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Karakol Lakes, Altai, Siberia
Karakol Lakes, Altai, Siberia

Europe » Russia » Siberia » Altai Republic February 26th 2010

At 8 am the 17th of September we started our photo trip through the Altai to the four countries border - Warm Key Pass. Two Mitsubishi Delicas took on ten people - three crew members and seven photographers, colored trunks with equipment and jerry cans with water on the roofs. We overcame 680 km in the first day and stopped beyond the Chike-Taman Pass for the night. During ten days of the expedition rain caught us just once - in the first night, all the rest time we enjoyed the good weather. First morning in the mountains - the white snow peaks are shining under the sunlight sincethe rain turns into the snow at the higher altitude. Olivier showed several techniques of using reflectors and shooting pictures for magazines while guides made breakfast and bundled camps. ... read more
Katun Rvr., Altai, Siberia, Russia
Katun and Chuya merge
Chuya Steppe, Altai, Siberia, Russia

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