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28th May 2012

Old Navy
Aren't you glad I showed that place? Funnily when I was going there last year I cou;dn;t find it for love nor money! I was walking looking for it for ages
28th May 2012

Yep, I did struggle to find it, going on a distinct memory of it from 6 years before. Yep, I'm glad you showed us, I found one in Calgary as well so must be thankful to you!
20th April 2011

Hi there Glad you are enjoying my blog so far. On looking at your blogs, you have been to places I have (including some on the second half of my trip!) as well as others I haven't. I can't wait to see what you've been up to as well. Adam
19th April 2011

Awesome Journal
I am enjoying your journal. My husband and I have visited most of the places you are seeing now. We LOVE the western part of the USA! Hope you had fun and I can't wait for the rest of your story! (Jeanie and Randy)

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