Why do I wander, you ask ?

October 14th 2011
Published: October 13th 2011
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To escape ...

To grow ...

To learn ...

To live a life that is different from the norm ...

To seek out adventure and learn more about the world we live in. There's just so many things to see and learn.

To meet new people and learn about their culture and way of life ...

To find a purpose in life ...

OK, enough of this BS. The other truth is I'm a self-absorbed intellectual lazy bum who is allergic to WORK. I use "traveling" as an excuse to avoid work and live "cheaply" in 3rd world countries where my dollar can stretch . I couchsurf for free accommodation or stay in bugs infested cheap hostels where I can meet like-minded backpackers and get laid. I eat street food and haggle with locals to the nearest cent because I'm a cheapskate. I try not to complain about the deplorable conditions I put myself into ... I made a choice. I paid cheaply.

I am nobody. I am viewed as a misfit or some kind of hippie in my own country for having a different mindset and oppose to society's normal conventions. But in 3rd world countries I visit, I am "somebody". I am liked and respected. I am a walking dollar. I get stared at like I'm some kind of celebrity. I look like James Bond - just the ego booster I needed.

My travels are the greatest experience of my life.


17th October 2011

Why do I wander you ask
Hmmmm I just want to know about your name...... Why was it given to you....
17th October 2011

My name speaks for itself ;-)
24th February 2013

Hello misfit
Hope you will be blogging again soon. We'd like to read more of your adventures.

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