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February 13th 2011
Published: May 4th 2011
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Although, i visited Wenzhou and its suburb of Rui An in December, surprisingly on my birthday. I am finally sitting down to write about the journey to this city. When i was there I stayed there at JiaTai hotel, add. (east xincheng) Zhongyuan Manson A Builing, Xincheng Big Way, Wenzhou phone number (086) 0577- 88062111 / 88065678. The pricing is reasonable. Also some of the staff members know some english, best bring someone to help translate. I had originally went there to see an old friend, but to only find out that the friend had lied about everything. But it was not all lost. I had another friend it the suburb of WenZhou called Rui 'An.
I landed in Wenzhou at roughly 11:30 am from Wuhan, i got to the hotel about 35 minutes after i landed after i went through the security and what now. I found the airport in Wenzhou rather different then what i am used to. Because when we got off the plane we had to be shuttled from the plane to the actual terminal. I am not saying that it was bad, just the fact i had never experienced it before. It was a sunny and cool day when I arrived. I reached my hotel which is listed above and checked in. I rested briefly and then went around to view the neighborhood i was now in. As you can see from some of the photos it is rather beautiful. I was in Wenzhou for only 2 days. '1 of those days I had went to see a friend in Rui An. While there i was treated to a wonderful view of its walking street. i also saw a dog. I know what your thinking dogs are in abundance everywhere. But this one is different, it honestly looked like a baby tiger. orange and black stripes on it. Also a Camel, which i thought was pretty cool.
I feel I should talk about the beauty that Rui 'An has. The surrounding area boasts of wonderful landscapes with rugged mountains and tranquil waters, including three state-level scenic spots, Yandang Mountain, the Nanxi River and the Baizhangji Fall-Feiyun Lake, and two national nature reserves, the Wuyanling Ridge and the Nanji Islands. Yandang Mountain has been named a "World Geopark", while the Nanji islands are listed as a UNESCO Marine Nature Reserve of World Biosphere Reserves. About 100 nautical away miles from the estuary of Feiyunjiang, there lays under the seabed rich crude oil and natural gas reserves, which are now being prospected and developed. Scenic area accounts for 25% of the city's land space.
In 1937–1942 during the war with Japan, Rui'an played a key role in winning the war.
My friend there was wonderful, a fellow English Teacher at one of the many schools in the city. A kind and thoughtful person always with a smile on her face and a kind word to say. That evening i had returned to Wenzhou because the following day i would return to Wuhan. My friend came with me to the bus station so i could return to Wenzhou and my hotel. To my friend in Rui'an if you are reading this, thank you for a wonderful experience and a good friendship.

The following day i had checked out of the hotel, and proceeded to the airport where i would return to Wuhan. I would highly recommend visiting Rui'an and Wenzhou, even though i may not have had a good experience in wenzhou the beauty and splendor of Rui'an and the kindness of the people in that city makes up for any bad feelings I had.

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She helped me find where i was going when i got lost

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