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September 27th 2010
Published: October 11th 2010
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kind of had a bad couple days in turkey.
i wanted to try and paraglide. so i decided at 11am to arrange it with my hotelier in fetihye. he made a call and i was told to be ready for pick up at 1200. OK so good i'll stay here another night and go for the paraglide. A-holes!!!! that morning all diving was cancelled because of 65 km/hour winds. there was a slight chance this would have abated but they could have told me so that i might make an informed decision to wait or to go to the next city as my hotelier knew i might!!! hell no these asses blew it up oh you'll get a ride to and from dive.
here's the kicker no paragliding then no ride home. he's alright with saying that at the end of the 5 hour wait but not quick to tell me about the friggin' winds.
so i tell my hotelier about my dolmus(taxi) ride home and the cost. he seemed to be reaching for money to pay me back then changed his mind. i thought he didn't have it right then. so a while later i went down to ask him. he was with a few turks having some drinks. these two older couples were quite nice and treated me to raki and cheese so i kept quiet. rather choosing to enjoy the moment as opposed to dwelling on the deceipt(sc).
the next morning it came to a boil because breakfast which is already late at 0800 was not ready as hotelier was out picking up someone. i gave him a tongue lashing and he said 5 minutes 5 minutes. NO, i demanded 5 lira for the breakfast which i can't have because of a bus schedule conflict and 4 lira for the taxi. he says i don't have change. aw but no worries as i DO!!!! ha ha gotcha. he wouldn't put money in my hand till i put his change on table. guess since he saw me sporting (jogging) he thought i'd make a dash away with his money. sporting my backpack.
i made my bus.

problem 2: i was talked into buying an overnight bus ticket to istanbul with one company because they have an express bus with 1 stop, a toilet, and a free shuttle to sulthanamet district once in istanbul. BUL is the operative word. 20 stops later we reach istanbul. the toilet was "out of order" read locked. and the free shuttle was only halfway to the promised destination!!!! argh i hate the lying. tell the truth so i can make a reasoned decision. friggin' arses!!!!!!

problem 3: just about language and culture. i tried to weasel(sc) a free desert out of restaurant yesterday because it was me birthday. the waitress seemed to say we could do that. only at bill time i paid for my desert. good though it was it was overpriced as was the skimpiest sushi i have ever seen in my life. paper/transparent thin. again this was a problem(not really the right phrasing) of mine own design. so perhaps i should have devoted a different page to half bithcing!! lmao!

oops reading this i realized that i forgot to mention (#4) that the walls almost fell in on my shower at about 2030 hours. there was a wedding downstairs (i was on 5th floor) and the disco party ROCKED!!! i left the hotel and she wanted 20 lira because i showered. i refused because i didn't arrange a room on the disco floor but rather in a hotel. man it was really loud as i heard it over shower and TV!!!!!!!

ok some less sour stuff!! i took an overnight bus (that express) to istanbul after having spent 7 hours on a bus to ephesus. here i visited a great ruin mentioned in other blog. so, 7 hours on a bus, then visit a ruin. then 9 hours on an overnight bus. and i was still tempted to take the half hour later bus straight to bulgaria. fortunately, i decided to give me arse a rest in istanbul. i stayed the night and took the 0900 bus to bulgaria. it was supposed to be 5.5 hours but was instead 7.5 hours. so i was really gald that i took that day off.

on the way out of turkey, i saw my first turkish car wreck. 22 days into trip and that is AfuckingMAZING as they drive like nuts. just cutting each other off like mad. then i saw my second wreck 2 minutes later. perhaps it was a product of the rain but i'm sticking with NO!!! they just kept cutting in front of bus with no regard for anything. it truly is something to watch!

morning of departure i was down to 2 lira. so i had a breakfast of champions. much better than the bruce jenner corn flake breakfast. i had two boiled eggs accompanied by ice cream. yummy.

ps: the last night in turkey as i was walking around i saw a guy blow drying a fire. a funny sight it was. though i might talk my buddy ken into doing this in the future so that we might have our BBq's a bit more quickly!!!!!!!!!! shout out to you kenny!!!!!


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