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June 30th 2010
Published: June 30th 2010
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Gibbon ExperienceGibbon ExperienceGibbon Experience

Treehouse Home
Taking a huge jump forward in time as myself and miss milns are not putting the effort in to update this blog, our humble appologies we will do better and fill in all major gaps, however, we have just finished 'The Gibbon Experience' and it is more than worth a mention.

Set in the Bokeo Rainforest in northern Laos a conservation project allows people to two stay tweo nights in a jungle treehouse located at the top of the canopy, while using zip-lines for access to the jungle floor and neighbouring treehouses.

Our adventure started oin sunday when we took a three hour truck journey into the edge of the rainforest. As it is rainy season there was a chance that the truck would not be able to pass through the initial river, lucky ours did and we were spared a 7 hour trek to the starting village. Once there we were given a harness and a short (to say the least) safety briefing before being led to our first zipline. The first line took us directly into the first treehouse, and our home for the next two nights. The guide again showed us how to attached our lines before heading to the treehouse, our first zipline passed without injury. Each treehouse had a pet cat to prevent mice from making a home. The tree was also home to two less welcome bees nests and a variety of creepy crawlies. Having dropped our bags we were taken out on a 1 hour trek / zip-line tour to practise. After this the guides said goodbye and we were left to our own devises 60metres from the ground. We were visited by people passing through the jungle and at meal times when rice eggs and vegetable were delivered in bento boxes, for breakfast lunch and dinner!!!

On day two and three we awoke at sunrise to go in search of the gibbons. We could hear the calls of the monkeys from our treehouse but they were tricky to find. Stumbling over bamboo and other jungle folliage we struggled to keep up with the guides who ran about effortlessly in only flip flops! Luckily we did manage to catch glimpses of the gibbons on both days. We have attached a few pictures and videos as these best decribe the whole experience.

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30th June 2010

Picture 'Tree House Home'
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