Udaipur Feb. 8

February 17th 2010
Published: February 17th 2010
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Hi, I think I finally found an internet cafe that has a fast connection, plus I am not jammed into a hot, little cubicle trying to write something with sweat running into my eyes. We have been in small towns and we can't really use the internet -- it is tooo slow and we don't have the patience -- or time, somehow -- we are too busy. Anyway, I will write a few entries and then even try to upload some photos -- but first I will write something -- the trouble with not writing when you are experiencing these things is that you don't really remember the little things that make it fun, you just tend to remember the dry facts -- not very interesting -- and without photos, this could be really deadly. Anyway, we were in Udaipur -- a nice town, romantic as they say, and we had a nice room with a view of the lake -- the wedding cake hotel that we weren't allowed to visit -- we had a little boat trip to the other island and a stroll around -- and sat in the cafe a bit, without ordering, and just enjoyed the ambiance and stuff like the stone vases filled with flower petals. At this point we weren't eating so much -- we weren't sick but had no appetite. So was eating mainly pizza for some reason. Now we have figured out what we should order and are eating well ... dreams of losing weight on our India trip are fast going out the window and just hoping not to put on weight now. We only stayed 2 days in Udaipur -- it was nice but 2 days were enough. We returned to New Delhi for the night. This time staying in a more down-market place than the first. The restaurant on the roof was really good and we had a TV in the room and I watched a movie which I had seen before and it was pretty bad but I watched it anyway -- oh, the thrill of having a TV. Every place we get to, I don't really like, and then on the second day, I start to like it -- and that's what happened with New Delhi -- this time I liked it -- it was pouring with rain and quite cold -- and I liked that too -- a short respite before the big heat. Next we flew to Cochin.

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