Hong Kong Holiday

December 29th 2009
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Zao Shang Hao 中国, Six months China. I have been with you for over six months now. Has this been as good to you as it’s been for me? I’ve really enjoyed my time, I think we have looked good together. Half way through and you continue to etch permanent marks on my mind. And in some infinitesimal way I’d like to think I’ve effected you too, leaving tiny positive ripples of energy in my ... Read Full Entry

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The hotelThe hotel
The hotel

lots of decorations

listening to the mp4 player

hey a canoe
workout roomworkout room
workout room

I worked out just to see the view in the hotel, ha
more viewmore view
more view

I was too tired to take pictures after nightfall, plus the hazy moved in and you couldn't see anything anyway
Ferry boatFerry boat
Ferry boat

ferry to go to Hong Kong Island
hotel lobbyhotel lobby
hotel lobby

decked out in xmas gear
my roommy room
my room

thats a view
nu pengyonu pengyo
nu pengyo

on the beach

30th December 2009

another midwesterner in zhongshan
hey nathan, just stumbled across your blog. Nice job. I'm a wisconsin-ite that's been in ZS for about 3 years. never had the ambition to blog, but enjoy reading yours keep it up. weather sucks now but better than the 5 degrees F back home!
14th January 2010

catching up
Nate, Good to catch up. You have been on my mind a lot as the headlines in the morning paper are about Google and China. I wonder what the people you know think of Googles stand on sensorship. China is such a big market it is always a balancing act for US companies wanting be a part of it and make money and the challenge of "Playing by the rules" that China sets. We will see how this plays out in the long run. It is good to look back and see what six months brings. Thank you for sharing that experience. In your case the changes are more readily apparent. And -- what about that great news about your sister Emily- We are all very excited about her engagement! I am sure you have read about the earth quake in Haiti, the news of the disaster is worse every day. We are all getting back into the normal work patterns now that the holiday s over -- but you are soon heading into Chinese New Year -- a wonderful time! Kind of fun to separate it from Christmas. Nice to see the photo Carmen. Where are they moving to in Canada? Jimmy and I love Canada, so we hope her family will be happy. Wait until she hears their accents, eh? Well -- got to go. Stay happy. Rita
18th January 2010

Taco Bell Update
Nate, Given your love of Taco Bell, I thought you would want the news -- today's headline in MSN - Taco Bell founder dies at age 86 - Glen W. Bell launched Taco Bell in 1962 in Los Angeles area. A sad day for those of you who love Taco Bell! Rita
11th February 2010

Hi Nate......
Hi Nate, Just wanted to check in - I know your mom and dad are leaving tomorrow to see you in China - how exciting. You guys will have a wonderful time and you'll show them all of the sights! Make sure they eat some of the stuff you've talked about! Enjoy your time together! Love, Aunt Chris Sr.
14th February 2010

Hey thanks Aunt Chris!, We are all in China and having a great time. I'll make sure to make them eat everything and take some pictures of my mom 'using' her chopsticks, hilarious!

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