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May 25th 2008
Published: May 26th 2008
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We landed on the tarmac at SeaTac airport and it was over. Just like that. We found it hard to believe that it could have gone by that quickly. It seemed like Sandy and Jerry had just dropped us off at the airport for an 18 hour voyage to Singapore that would be the start of our grand adventure. The trip was awesome in so many ways it’s hard to know where to begin. To try and describe all that ... Read Full Entry

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Kaikora, New ZealandKaikora, New Zealand
Kaikora, New Zealand

One of our favorite places
Long BoatLong Boat
Long Boat

Malayasian Jungle
Buddha ParkBuddha Park
Buddha Park

Vientiane, Laos
A Laotian TempleA Laotian Temple
A Laotian Temple

Luang Prabang, Laos
A Thai TempleA Thai Temple
A Thai Temple

Chaing Mai, Thailand
Beautiful Petronas TowersBeautiful Petronas Towers
Beautiful Petronas Towers

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
The PinnaclesThe Pinnacles
The Pinnacles

North of Perth, Australia
The Rex LookoutThe Rex Lookout
The Rex Lookout

Upper East Coast Australia

25th July 2008

Thanks for sharing~
Hello Dave and Merry Jo, I just so happen to come across your site. Thanks so much for sharing your unbelievable experience. The beauty of most of the picture that you captured was amazing. Who would ever thought that I would every think about traveling to some of the locations that you express. Your experience has broaden my horizon. Thanks Again P.S. I don't know you but it also seen like your trip has also increase your spirituality, and you are right people are people and we all just want the very same things peace, love, and happiness.
18th October 2008

nice trip
Hi Dave and Merry Jo, I just read your blog and I felt so amazied and fantactis. I just wonder that how much money that you spent for your trip? Did you have any plan for using money in each country? I really love to travel but i don't have much money. Anyway I am really happy that you love VietNam cause I am Vietnamese. PS/ Your pictures are wonderful
9th June 2010
Dubai's most famous hotel

name of this hotel
what's the name of this hotel ? and the adres
12th June 2010

The hotel is in Dubai
Burj Al Arab Dubai
27th June 2010
Dubai's most famous hotel

22nd September 2010
Dubai's most famous hotel

it"s amazing hotel
22nd January 2011

Fantastic blog
Loved reading this blog & loved the pictures, glad you enjoyed yourself in London.
29th January 2011

I missed this!
Don't know how i missed this blog. I may have been traveling when it hit the front page. Great blog. I'm jealous whenever I find rtw travelers. I can't do that for personal reasons. Good only for a few weeks to a couple of months on a single stretch. Thanks for sharing this.
10th February 2011

VERY interesting
I like this kind of blogs: simple, interesting, useful and you can read them quickly. Very nice pics.
10th February 2011

And Latin America???????????
It seems you haven´t been to Latin America yet. I do hope it is in your plans...

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