Jakarta vs. Kuala Lumpur

March 24th 2007
Published: August 5th 2007EDIT THIS ENTRY

After visiting the two powerhouse capitals of Indonesia and Malaysia I thought a comparison of the two is due. This is just my opinion and my better might be the opposite from another's. Here's some comparisons and contrasts that I saw between the two cities.

1. SIZE: Jakarta's population of almost 10 million dwarfs KL's 2 million, but KL has a more concentrated city feel.

2. TRANSPORTATION: KL has an excellent mass transit system that Jakarta will hopefully one day imitate. KL's street traffic is organized, while Jakarta's is chaotic and filled with smog. It is cheaper in Jakarta to get around, but that is only if you get the normal price which is never the first price offered.

3. CLEANLINESS: KL economy is doing much better. The result is well maintained streets and buildings. Trash is picked up instead of burned.

4. NIGHTLIFE: KL has more upscale choices, but the people do not party like in Jakarta. There, everyone goes out on the weekend. Also prices for drinks and covers are at fraction of KL's.

5. THE PEOPLE: The people of KL are friendly, but are not as open to just talk to a stranger like in Jakarta. The only downside is that it's a 50/50 chance that they're trying to sell you something when the're talking to you in Jakarta.

6. FOOD: KL's Malay style Indian food puts up a good fight against Jakarta's Makasan Padang joints. The food in KL is more expensive, but you'll get meatier portions. Eating in Jakarta is more adventurous. You're more likely to use antibiotics after, but that's why you packed them. For me, the risk adds a bit of flavor to the meal.

7. SITES: KL's Petronas tower are a world known site. Sorry Jakarta's Monas monument.

8. GIRLS: Had to put this one in. Sorry KL, but your girls are starting to get chubby. They should take Jakarta's lead and start dancing more.

9. INTERNET: KL has more access points, faster connections, and slightly lower hourly rates.

10. HONESTY: In KL the price given to you is the price given to everyone. True it's higher, but it's doesn't change by which countries' ID card you have in your pocket.

So it's up to you which you like better. KL is cleaner and much easier to get around, but lacks a foreign feel. Jakarta will give you a little bit of adventure but you'll have to fight a little along the way. Personally, I had more fun in Jakarta than Kuala Lumpur. The time I spent there was shorter than KL, but was filled with more excitement. It's up to chance which city you'll like more.

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10th April 2007

the bajaj taxi reminds me of these taxis we took in Cuba, called Coco taxis, I'll see if I can scrounge up a photo for you...
10th October 2008

Jakarta is better then Kl
I think the people in Jakarta is more friendly better than in KL. Actually in Kl all the taxi is very odious and never ever use meter, also the taxi drivers is drive like want to kill the costemers. Even though compare to jakarta all the best mall is KL is nothing then in Jakarta.
10th October 2008

Best Jakarta
In my opinion Jakarta is very nice compare to Kl because the Taxi driver in Jakarta is very good then in KL. In Jakarta you can find many entertaiment that can make you enjoy your life but not in KL. As you know all the statiun TV in Jakarta is very nice because a lot of program that can interest you every day. In KL you can't watch anything because the statiun TV is very bad not good as Jakarta
11th February 2009

They're still using bajaj?
1st March 2009

Jakarta is more complete a city
If you have more time to stay Jakarta will give you better variety just check Kemang (expats nightlife area), Mangga Besar (another night life), Ancol, Dunia Fantasy, Senayan City Golf, Lots of Malls (Plaza Senayan, Plaza Indonesia, Pondok Indah Mall, CITOS just to mention a few), better food ! the only problem is lack of mass transportation except nice taxis around from benz to toyota vios all new cars..
10th May 2009

Jakarta is better than kuala lumpur
Jakarta is better than kuala lumpur.. Hotel in jakarta is better than kuala lumpur.. Apartement in jakarta is better than kuala lumpur.. Jakarta's people is better than kuala lumpur.. Mall in jakarta is better than kuala lumpur.. You can get much experience in Jakarta.. I want to visit jakarta again..
10th May 2009

Jakarta is better than Kuala lumpur
Jakarta is better than kuala lumpur.. Hotel in jakarta is better than kuala lumpur.. Apartement in jakarta is better than kuala lumpur.. Jakarta's people is better than kuala lumpur.. Mall in jakarta is better than kuala lumpur.. You can get much experience in Jakarta.. I want to visit jakarta again..
10th August 2009

jakarta :)
20th August 2009

22nya sama aja.. yg bikin beda mungkin transportasi disana ada monorail.. dan TAK ADA Trans Kuala lumpur. Kita ada Trans jakarta dan SEDANG DIBANGUN monorail. kita lebih lengkap. dan Tunggu saja 10 tahun kedepan.. BKT jadi akses water way dari timur (duren sawit- manggarai dukuh atas akan tersambung) stadion terbesar asia ada di jkt, masjid terbesar asteng juga, Orang terkaya asia tenggara juga ada di jkt. Disneyland juga ada (Dunia Fantasi). Dan cma jakarta 1 satunya kota didunia yang memiliki Emas di tengah kotanya
21st August 2009

All Comment Older Than Me is From Indonesian People
i bet most of the comment that is older than me come from indonesian people... thats why most of them said indonesia is better than malaysia.btw im malaysian..
21st November 2009

Jakarta is the most Favourite city in south east asia. 2. singapura, 3 bangkok, 4 Kuala lumpur, 5. metro manila
5th December 2009

kl is wonderful city
kl city is very beautiful.Many building are taller,bigger,beautiful than jakarta.for information,petronas twin tower is very famous and more popular compare to monas.hehe...people in kl are very style,pretty,handsome and sweet.
5th February 2010

that right
KL better than jkrta.. for all aspect..^-^
16th February 2010

Jakarta vs KL
Jakarta is bigger than KL, I dont fancy the lifestyle and the lack of space around. It's too crowded, and the air is dirty. While KL is boring, it is more relaxing.
7th September 2010

hye, thanks for visiting Malaysia. Hope u had so much fun here. Both cities have its own privilage. Visit Malaysia.
28th November 2010

KL!! why?
25 years in Kuala Lumpur. and now just 3days in Jakarta Im going crazy.. and I cant stand here for a long time. thanks to god, coz give me good life in Kuala Lumpur. I never bored in KL. a lot of variety restaurant, good transportation (but frust with crazy taxi), good lifestyle, nice shopping complex than jakarta (close early!!! damn!!!), little number of beggar and much2 more. must understand that KL is smaller than jakarta, but its not promised u, it can give u amazing entertainment. if u come to KL coz of girls, please forget it. KL more Islamic city than Jakarta. Also its quite difficult to find club at KL. we stand for our religious. U can enjoy shopping environment at KL that deliver u much2 better shopping environment. KL is more organize and I got crazy in Jakarta coz of their life style at their city. crazy driver, crazy road, crazy shopping complex and market... huu.. sorry Indonesian if bias with my statement. If you come to KL, u can enjoy ur excitement with nature. we prevent our nature here. hiking hills in KL is not impossible. Tabur Hill in Melawati can deliver that adventurous. Swimming the river at Ulu Klang, theme park at Genting Highland (it can view from KL!!!!) amazing!!!... and a lot of interest place.... so, why not Kuala Lumpur.. P/S: if u come to KL for girls, its not ur place.... sorry!!!

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